Fine Dining Skateboards by Daniel Curtis

A lot of the time (like almost always) if someone links to me I visit their site to see what they’re saying. I do this through my Stat Counter, it tells me where all of my hits are coming from, it’s really not that creepy, I promise. But I noticed one that I hadn’t seen before so I went to check it out, and was immediately struck by the awesome decks you see above. Cut to me searching on the internet for like, 30 minutes until I FINALLY came across some information that they were the work of the wonderful Daniel Curtis.

I thought these decks were so rad when I saw them. What he told me was that he drove around town with his little brother in tow, searching for all sorts of junk food. They ended up with all the crap you see above, which Daniel says they ate quite a bit of what you see. After that he couldn’t eat meat for a week, haha… Hands down my favorite is the donuts one, those blue donuts in there are the yummiest looking treats. Sadly the boards aren’t available yet, but they should be around later this month through The Source.

Also take a sneak peek at Daniel’s upcoming clothing line, Bon Voyage, he’s got some rad looking tees!

June 13, 2008