The 15th Anniversary of Jurassic Park

Last weekend I was having Thai food with a friend and we started talking about how awesome Jurassic Park was. Thinking about all the awesome scenes like the T. Rex smashing the Explorer into the mud while the kids are in and even the little things like the Jell-O jiggling on Lex’s spoon as she sees the shadow of the Raptor. With all of this fun reminiscing, we decided that we’d have a little Jurassic Park watching party, just for the fun of it. Cut to last night, where we decided to make Mexican food (the movie is set in Costa Rica, so that’s as close as we could get) and we had some mud pie that was very dino-related as well. Watching the movie it actually seemed so dated, but it was still a ton of fun and I laughed so hard at all of Jeff Goldblum’s lines.

I came into work this morning and my co-worker Jamie asked me about last night, but then she told me how she was on Wikipedia last night and Jurassic Park was on the front page, which we both thought was weird. So I looked up the movie on IMDB, and oddly enough, THE MOVIE WAS RELEASED 15 YEARS AGO TO THE DAY. How weird is that?!?! We watched the movie on it’s exact 15 year anniversary. We had no idea at all, which makes the whole thing even more cool. That’s really all this blog post is about, I just thought I’d share my funny story, haha…


June 12, 2008