G19 Lamp by Yar Rassadin

My apartment, however awesome it may be, has really ugly light fixtures in the living room. Well, someone out there might like them, but they’re certainly not my taste. So lately I’ve been looking at light fixtures just to see what’s out there because I plan on staying in it for a while. So when I came across this lamp by Yar Rassadin, it totally got my imagination going.

The lamp is called G19, which stands for “Giant light system within 19 lamps.” I like that, simple and to the point. The lamp looks to me like it was inspired by one of those wooden coat racks, which is a really good idea. The lamp can open and contract to whatever dimension or shape you like making it adjustable to whatever space you want to put it in.I love how simple, yet complex it is, like a big hive of lights.

Be sure to check out the rest of Yar’s work as well by clicking his name above.


June 12, 2008