The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Kristina Collantes (Part 1)

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Kristina Collantes

Kristina Collantes

You can check out Kristina’s other wallpaper by clicking here.

Sorry for the delay in posting, this morning has been hectic already, you know how it is… Anyhow, this weeks wallpapers (yep, plural) were created by the phenomenally talented Kristina Collantes. Kristina lives and works in California where she draws inspiration for her work from things like wallpaper, textiles, and Japanese art. When I first saw her work I as sooooo impressed by the amazing amount of detail she puts into each piece. When I asked her to do the project I was a little skeptical that she would say yes, but fortunately she knew of the blog and the project, which leads us to right now!

Kristina decided to make not one but two different designs for today, both of them lovely and awesome. The first one is aptly titled Skulls, while the second one is titled Blues. Those actually might not be their names, but that’s what the files were called, so it works for me. I’m totally into those soft and cuddly skulls, I love how the texture is really delicate, but it’s all shaped into a skull. The other one I love because of that pattern in the background, which totally destroys everyone, and the big K and N shapes. Also, the colors on both of those are the best.

June 11, 2008