Faesthetic #8 / Infinity

On Monday the newest issue of Faesthetic dropped, showering the world with artful delights. The issue is only $10, and they’re even running a special that gets you #7 and #8 for $15, which isn’t bad at all. This issue’s theme is “INFINITY”, and features a cover by the guys at Rad Mountain, as well as a ton of other great artists, so be sure to stop by the site and see what all the hoopla is about!

The Artist’s Guide to Infinity, Jason Polan presents Jacob Brege, Arbito, Spencer Hibert, Justin Van Hoy, Gluekit, Matt W Moore, Keith Shore, Ryan Riss, Dan Rule, Garrett Morin, Justin Fines, Blair Sayer, Sylvain Gerand, Neil Doshi, Thomas Jennings, Ray Frenden, Gasolline Gut, Derek Ballard, a Boy named Ethos, Labour-Ny, Pietari Posti, Tristan Henry Wilson, Damien Correll, Sune Ehlers, Jason Urban, Christopher Norris (Steak Mtn), Prateâ„¢ Computer Channel & Bang.


June 11, 2008