Michael Lau’s 2001: A Space Odyssey Inspired Vinyl Figure

Michael Lau, basically one of the most popular vinyl figure designers in the world, has recently been releasing some images from his upcoming show, CSBOOTH15. The images feature close-ups of new figures, the first being a Dennis Rodman-looking guy, while this new version is a guy in an orange spacesuit… just like the one worn in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Comparing the figure to the photo below it you can definitely see the resemblance, not to mention that the figure is also called 2bb1.

Knowing how Michael Lau releases things though, this is probably going to be a limited edition of 10 or something crazy and it’ll probably cost like $1000. But let’s all pretend he’s going to make millions of these and have a distributor deal with a mega-corporation that can get it into the hands of every 2001 dork out there.

Found through Hypebeast


June 10, 2008