10 Questions for David Sedaris

I don’t think you can ever go wrong with David Sedaris. David’s new book, When You Are Engulfed in Flames, came out a week ago and it’s already #1 on Amazon in the Humor and Fiction sections. So last Thursday, Time sat down with the writer and asked him some questions sent in by readers, and they’re pretty funny. I’m pretty sure my favorite question was asking him if he had still quit smoking, as it’s part of the new book:

Yes, I have. I quit smoking in January of 2007. In the end, the reason I quit was so I could stay at decent hotels. Nice hotels in the U.S. went completely nonsmoking. That said, I don’t suggest that anyone quit smoking. I love the smell of smoke. Cigarettes smell really good to me. They smell like an apple pie baking.

To check out the rest of the list, click here. Also of note, the cover of Sedaris’ book was designed by Chip Kidd, which you can see here. But I do remember reading somewhere that David actually found the painting, so he didn’t really have to do anything, haha…


June 10, 2008