Reading through the newest issue of GOOD Magazine I spotted an ad for TRKFLD bags and I was instantly curious. The logo has sort of a retro/contemporary feel, not to mention that the bag was pretty cool looking as well. I popped over to their website and they’re definitely not fooling around, sporting 19 different styles of bags with multiple colorways and 5 different accessories as well. Everything is made out of Sunbrella fabric, which is “100% solution-dyed acrylic” and is made to be “fade resistant, water repellent and breathable.” Not bad for a company that started only a few months back!

I posted pictures of my favorite bags up there. The first one that the guy holding is… the Bobby. If that’s not fate, I don’t really know what is. I’ve honestly been looking for a smaller bag to throw my camera and flash and misc. items into for a while, and this would be totally perfect. I definitely want to buy this bag, but I’m not really sure if I want the warm colors version or the cool version, so what do you guys think? What I do know, is that I hope the guy modeling the bag comes with it…

The other bag is called Mi, and to me looks sort of like an over-sized tennis racket bag without the handle, which I think is pretty rad. I also really like the horizontal stripes on the bag, especially the thick blue and white version. It’s so 80’s yuppie/nautical but with a twist, which is definitely starting to come back into style.

The bags run around $80 or so which isn’t bad at all, especially because they look like they’d last about 20 years. Definitely check out their site and see all the styles they have, I’m sure everyone could find something they like.


June 9, 2008