The Go-Getter

Last night I took a little drive across town to see The Go-Getter, a story about a young guy (played by Lou Pucci) who steals a car to find his long lost half brother. It gets a lot more complicated then that, in fact the story is pretty epic because he ends up driving up and down most of the west coast. On his way a cell phone in the car rings, and it’s the owner of the car who is played by the amazing Zooey Deschanel. The movie is pretty dream-like all throughout, with lots of blown out shots and color distortions, and in some parts even feeling like something Michel Gondry might have done.

Another big aspect of the movie was the music, which was mostly done by M. Ward. The movie actually starts with a toned down version of Animal Collective. After that every single scene has amazing songs and music, and of course, the soundtrack isn’t on sale anywhere. So instead I’ve been listening to Post War non-stop, which definitely helps a little bit. Can I just throw out there that I do know about Zooey and M. Ward’s side project, She and Him? I know one of you is going to try and “out-cool” me with that tidbit of info, haha…

I don’t think the movie is playing in a whole lot of places right now, but if you have the chance to see it I highly suggest doing it. And i you know Zooey Deschanel, tell her we need to hang out because she’s pretty much the coolest chick on Earth.


June 9, 2008