It’s Going To Be An Apple Day

So that’s it! Basically what we learned today was that the new iPhone is now the iPhone 3G, it’s going to have 3G and GPS built in. The iPhone 3G will come in black and white, 8GB and 16GB versions. The 8GB goes for $199 and the 16GB goes for $299, the white version will come in only the 16GB version. What’s scary is that I bought an iPhone last December, but for $200 I would totally buy a new one. What does everyone think about all the new stuff?!

11:52: Did I mention it comes in white as well? haha… way cool.

11:46: THE 8GB IPHONE IS GOING TO BE $199!!! Shut the front door. That is so totally insane. And that price is for the whole world, no matter where you are. They just killed, raped, mauled and utterly destroyed all competition. The 16GB is going to be $299, and they’ll be realeased, in all selected countries, on July 11th.

11:44: Built in 3G ANNNDDDD GPS. Google Maps on the iPhone is hands down one of my very favorite things about it. I feel bad for all those people who make GPS systems, they are major screwed. The iPhone 3G should be available in over 70 countries by this fall.

11:36: And there she is, the new iPhone 3G. Still pretty much the same but a little smaller, black, plastic back. The new 3G phone is wayyyy faster I guess, nearing WiFi speeds. Hopefully AT&T can step up their game and make this worthwhile.

11:19: MobileMe. Takes all of your info, stores it in an “information cloud” that constantly updates all of your connected devices. Change a date in your iCal or update a contact on your iPhone? Your computer knows soon after. Works with Mac or PC, even in Outlook. is going to be the most popular site on the net VERY soon.

11:09: Wow. You can view all iWork documents on the iPhone now, as well as all MS Office docs as well. Bulk delete and move in email, save images from an email to your iPhone, scientific calculator, added languages. iPhone 2.0 software will be released in July. Free for iPhone, $9.95 for iPod Touch users. The update can be downloaded wirelessly!

11:01: Whoa, crazy game by Digital Legends. Kind of God of War-esque.

10:53: News to make my roommate Garrett happy. is going to have an app that allows for instant scors, real-time video replays, even minutes after they just happened. Dudes everywhere now want an iPhone.

10:49: More new games, Cromag and Enigmo, try them now, $10 for the iPhone. Also a British insurance salesman made a game call Cow Terry, which is musical instruments on the iPhone, piano, drums and a “blues application”.

10:45: A slew of new interfaces like eBay, Typepad, Loopt, and even The Associated Press. WordPress is also coming out with one, so says the guys at Gizmodo. Helloooooo mobile blog posting.

10:31: Oh Shit, Monkey Ball! And it only costs $10! I hope they announce that I can buy the game in like 2 hours, or I might be a little annoyed, haha… The images look like the Nintendo DS, easy. Fun times!

10:20: So far they’re just talking about the SDK and how you’ll be able to write your own programs, as well as how they’ve been working with big Fortune 500 companies to make the iPhone more big business friendly. YAWN!

Today is the big day! Apple is releasing all sorts of new goodies, so I’m going to try and keep up and post the things I find to be really cool! I think most people are going to be salivating for the new iPhone most of all, but I’m sure they’ll be more surprises then just that!


June 9, 2008