Ghosts of Winter Print by Evan Hecox

If you read the blog regularly you know I have an extreme fondness for Evan Hecox’s work, so seeing that he’s released a brand new print is always cause for a post. This newest print is titled Ghosts of Winter, Berlin and features an almost bleak scene, the colors not quite as vibrant as say his last series which was set in Mexico. I’m pretty sure that this is the point though, Berlin is far and away a much different place from Mexico so it shouldn’t have the same tone. I think it’s entirely beautiful and filled with all the classic Hecox elements like power lines, buildings and bicycles.

The print came in editions of 200, came being the operative word, as the print is sadly already sold out. The best idea is to check back in with Arkitip frequently, they’re actually pretty good about doing reprints of his Evan’s work. You can also read Evan’s blog on Arkitip, or subscribe to the RSS feed as well, keep a leg up on the competition!

Update: So I was totally wrong up there, the print comes out on June 21st and there are still editions available. It was late, so sue me! I was also told they don’t do reprints either, so be sure to pre-order this little guy!


June 9, 2008