My Take on Dwell on Design

Friday afternoon I headed over the Los Angeles Convention Center for the 3rd Annual Dwell on Design Conference and Exhibition, something I had been really excited about since I first saw the ads pop up in the magazine. I got there around 1pm and it wasn’t very busy, which I was happy for, but there also wasn’t as many exhibitors as I thought there would be.

My friend Frank ended up meeting me there and we walked around, were slightly disappointed my the lack of really exciting products or services or whatever I thought I might find there. Not to say there weren’t some really cool things, but I had higher expectations. Frank and I were a little annoyed that everything was “hip and modern”, like there was no other way to describe the things you’re selling. The highlight for me was the cute, blonde guy at the GOOD Magazine booth who let me take a free magazine. Seriously.

I’ve posted photos of some of the other things that I really liked under the cut along with some descriptions, so check out more under there!

Above: My favorite thing was probably the most simple as well, these FOODMAP Containers by FoodMap Design. Living in an urban area I can’t have a garden, but having something like this would be totally awesome.

Above: This was the booth for Tottini, a Seattle based store that sold design-concious/friendly products for kids. What immediately caught my eye was that they sold Alexander Girard’s Lo Fonda del Sol Flor tiles, which would be so amazing in a kids bedroom. I also love those Fatboys, they’re way too much fun.

Above: Once again, living in an apartment it would be awesome to have a fireplace, except that I have 4 floors of building on top of me, so that doesn’t quite work out. But these Ecosmart fireplaces would be a fun way to get around that fact.

Above: I can’t remember who this table was designed by, but I thought it was a lot of fun.

Above: This is the Outdoor Lounge which I think is put out by Ford Brady, who’s also teamed up with the folks over at Harveys to create outdoor chairs made out of seatbelt material. Anything with houndstooth totally gets me excited.

Above: The four images above were from the A+R store outside the exhibition hall, which had plenty of fun stuff in it. I’ve seen these designs online forever, but it was a lot more exciting to see them in person. Also be sure to check out Jean’s post over on NOTCOT, she totally geeked out over all the stuff.


June 8, 2008