Fantömes Print by Rey Ortega

A few weeks back DWP artist Rey Ortega was nice enough to send me a present, something he knew that I would definitely love. Rey teamed up with the folks over at BlueFlip Art to create some prints of his work, one of them being his awesome contribution to The Desktop Wallpaper Project, Fantômes. The print measures 15″ wide by 10.8″ tall, and as you can see looks wonderful hanging above my kitchen sink. It’s pretty crazy to think that a piece that was done of the DWP is now a physical print, it makes me pretty proud!

The print goes for $39.95, with 10% of that going to Rey’s chosen charity, Evolutionary Distinct and Globally Endangered. To pick one up for yourself, click here. Thanks again for the print, Rey!

June 8, 2008