Aaron Morse Installation at The Hammer

Yesterday afternoon I took a trip out to Westwood to finally see the Kara Walker exhibit, My Complement, My Enemy, My Opressor, My Love (and it was really damn good), but on the way into the show I was blasted by the awesome artwork of Aaron Morse lining the walls of the entryway. The piece stretches over two GIGANTIC walls and then on another small wall, depicting the entire history of Earth.

He actually separated the histories of man and animals, as well as the smaller third wall showcasing the beginnings of life. I love, love, love, the colors in his pieces, and the style in which everything is depicted is very surreal but seems so spot on. Sadly, his work is only up until June 12th, so if you’re in LA over the next four days go make a stop.


June 8, 2008