Salle Polyvalente

Salle Polyvalente translates literally to ‘versatile room’ (or so Babel Fish tells me). But as Matthieu Bessudo, aka Mcbess, describes it, “it’s the kind of place that you can find in every small town in France, it’s a place where the people have their wedding party or an annual celebration or whatever bollocks is happening in that dead-end town, and it’s often neon lit and has a polystyrene ceiling.” It also happens to be the name of Mcbess’ newest project.

Matt got together a group of his friends, made up of advertising directors, 3D animators, illustrators and so on, to create images around a central theme, this month’s being Delicatessen. Then in another 2 months they’ll release a new bunch of images around a new theme, “OBEY!” to be specific. He says that there were 14 this month, but he expects that number to double by the next release, so it should be even better. He’d also like to expand the idea into art exhibits, parties, and even some sort of concert because a lot of the people are musicians as well.

I also wanted to throw out there that Matt is currently having a show at ROTOPOL called Meaty Melody. You can check out photos from the show both here and here, and there’s even a print of his Desktop Wallpaper contribution, Le Jardin, for sale as well!


June 5, 2008