Wall•E Character Preview

The BFF/Roommate Garrett just sent me this and I HAD to post about it right away! Pixar has released this fun mini-video featuring some of the other robotic characters from Wall•E, and they’re really cute and fun. One of the robots profiled is EVE, and you learn what she was built for, which gives you an interesting bit of information as to why she comes to Earth in the first place. But the best part is definitely toward the end, where Wall•E demonstrates his “Stereophonics” abilities, and ends up doing the cutest dance ever! I think it’s his head wiggling around that’s so funny! This movie comes out in 23 days, and I CANNOT wait. I think it’s definitely going to be the biggest movie of the summer, without a doubt.

Note: Fuck the Moviefone player, thank goodness for YouTube.


June 4, 2008