The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Ryan Cox

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Ryan Cox

Ryan Cox

Alright, it’s Wednesday again, which means it’s definitely time to change your desktop. As sort of in an inside look at how I go about picking people to do the project, most of the time it’ll be people that I’ve previously posted about. Obviously if I take the time to write about them then I must like their style a whole lot… but this isn’t always the case, as today’s artist I instead immediately wrote to see if they’d create a wallpaper. So today I’m happy to present, Ryan Cox.

Ryan is an illustrator who lives in New York and is the master of poppy vector illustrations. When I first went through his site I literally scrolling back and forth, soaking in all of the shapes and colors. Honestly his style reminds me of a more computer-savvy Charley Harper, his shapes and objects are so minimal but they have such a presence nonetheless.

For his wallpaper, I imagine this is what a really awesome Kitsune Noir party would look like. I’d be the dude taking photos in the top right, there’s the little black foxy in the bottom right, and plenty of inanimate objects and hot girls dancing all over the place… totally awesome. I also created 3 iPhone wallpapers just in case some of you had a favorite portion of the overall piece.

June 4, 2008