About a week ago I got an enthusiastic email from a fellow named Craig Redman, telling me about this little project he started called Darcel. Reading through his email I get to his signature and I see that Craig is a member of the crew over at Rinzen, so whatever he’s wanting me to see, I was sure it was going to be mega-awesome.

As Craig put it, Darcel is a dude with a less than optimistic outlook on life. Full of partying, drinking, and the finer things of life, the comic is an really simply drawn and vibrantly colored explosion. I thought it was funny that people are always throwing up, and Craig said that a lot of people really like that too! Darcel has lackluster visits to Philadelphia (it’s just a cracked bell), the International Contemporary Furniture Fair was boring, though I think he did get a kick out of his APC sneakers. Definitely go visit his site, full of small, clever moments.


June 4, 2008