Jacob Sutton

I was checking out the online portfolio of British photographer Jacob Sutton and I was immediately impressed. I tried to find more info about him but Google wasn’t very helpful and his rep’s site is a Flash mess that had no bio, or at least not one I could see. But looking through his work you can definitely see that this guy is insane amounts of creativity and a serious knack for dramatic lighting. He shoots mostly editorial work, so he’s got a ton of different fun shoots with all sorts of things going on.

I really like his work for Mixte Magazine, which is the photo with the pink dust all around. It seems like such a simple idea but it looks amazing. I love how you can see all the particles and bits, I’m sure seeing these really large and up close they would be even better. He’s got a lot of work, so be sure to check out his site for more visual goodness.

Found through It’s Nice That


June 3, 2008