Going On by Gnarls Barkely

I saw this a couple weeks ago but I thought I’d post it because it makes for a good later night post. This the new Gnarls Barkley video for the song, Going On, definitely one of the best tracks off the new album. What I think is so cool about this video is that it was totally inspired by Clayton Cubitt’s Lagos Calling series, which he notes in his blog. But Clayton is so rad about the situation that he calls it a “lovely happenstance”, something I think very few people would do.

I think the imagery definitely works for the song and the video, and even though it could be called a rip off, a topic I am definitely not fond of, I think they do the idea a great deal of justice. The desaturated colors with the bold yellow fonts, the fast-paced dancing in the street… I’m totally into it. Well, except for the end, that effect in the door frame looks ridiculous, haha…


June 2, 2008