Concepts x Nike SB Lobster Dunk Low

No matter how ridiculous an idea may be, as long as it’s thought through well enough it can turn out really amazing. Take for example Nike SB’s recent collaboration with Concepts, which could have been absolutely stupid, but in my opinion turned out amazing. What Concepts did was take the Dunk Low and Lobster-ize it, decking out the leather in shades of orange-y reds, putting a table cloth pattern inside the shoe, and even throwing some rubber bands on the toes!

The shoes even come in a wooden box, much like a lobster trap, and come with a few t-shirts, some lobster crackers, and even an extra pair of butter yellow laces. I think they executed this entire set-up flawlessly, everything works together and the shoes look so rad! As far as I can tell they’re only available through the Concepts store in Cambridge, MA, so if you’re looking to snag a pair you might want to shoot them an email or give them a call, if they’re even in stock still.

Found through Hypebeast


June 2, 2008