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Makr Wallets

I guess it’s been a few years now, by Makr is finally back supplying the world with beautiful laser engraved wallets once again. Makr is the brain child of Jason Gregory, who’s first line of wallets were something I always drooled over, but sadly never dropped the cash on. Since then I’ve been patiently waiting for him to release a new collection, and he definitely hasn’t disappointed. There are more styles this time around, in even more patterns, with even more types of leather. It’s almost overwhelming looking through everything offered, I totally felt like a kid in a candy shop!

My personal favorites are the Herringbone in brown, the Herringbone in russet, and the Minimal in ox blood. It’s weird, usually I’d go for the black wallets, but I love the colors and the textures of the brown wallets a lot more, the ox blood is particularly sexy. The wallets cost anywhere from $75 to $150 depending upon the style. My new mantra is to buy something that will last me longer, even though it may cost more, and I could definitely see one of these puppies standing up to the test of time.

Head over to the site and check out the rest of the styles, just don’t drool on your keyboard.

Thanks to Josh Spear for the heads up!


The Amazing Photos of Mitchell Feinberg

Making the mundane into something incredible isn’t anything new, but when it looks as delicious as the photos of Mitchell Feinberg, well then you really have something. I knew of Mitch’s photography through my last job, he shared an agent with my old job, but it wasn’t until I was reading in the newest issue of GQ that I was reminded of how amazing he is. He’s basically one of the premiere product photographers in the world. The man has shot just about anything you can think of for about every magazine out there. I personally think what he does is a slice of amazing.

The photos above are from a story titled My Sweet Life, which is basically writer Alan Richamn’s grand ode to all of the amazing types of desserts there are out there. The story is cute and clever and really does cover most any dessert you could think of, but the story is enhanced so very much by Feiberg’s photos. The top photo of the chocolate cake truly looks like heaven in every way, and the pile of California brittle below that makes my mouth water. I’ve put two more photos from the shoot under the cut as well, a root beer float and some beautiful salt water taffy.

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A Few More Beats – And Maybe, A New Sound: 02

Since never wants to work for me, I’ve decided to abandon it and talk about some of the things I’ve been listening to lately instead. So expect to see A Few More Beats more often, as I like the format that I’ve come up with for this.

Alaska In Winter
One day, Brandon Bethancourt ventured off into the chilly depths of Alaska where he holed up in a small cabin with his laptop and started to write an album. Cut to months later where he found himself in Albuquerque, New Mexico where he befriends Zach Condon, better known as Beirut, and Heather Trost of Hawk and a Hacksaw, and thus, Alaska In Winter is born. It’s funny, I actually saw Brandon play before Beirut on his last tour and didn’t like him at all. But I recently heard his record Dance Party in The Balkans, and I ended up enjoying it. He sounds like Beirut’s older stuff, more European and more electronic. Take a listen and see for yourself.

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Balkan Lowrider Anthem by Alaska In Winter

Albert Hammond Jr.
Yeah, Albert Hammond Jr. is that dude from The Strokes. Specifically, he was the guitar player. He released an album back in 2006, which I did hear a few good things about, but never actually listened to it. But those few things I did hear made me curious to see what he would sound like solo. As it turns out, he’s pretty damn amazing. His new record is titled ¿Cómo Te Llama? and comes out on July 8th, and I think this just might put him into mainstream coolness, at least for his efforts alone. The album does sound similar to The Strokes, but more like the first album, you know, the one that was actually good. It also has an amazingly classic and timeless sound to it. I highly suggest checking this album out when it drops.

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Feed Me Jack Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Peter Sellers by Albert Hammond Jr.

After listening to their first album, I wasn’t a big fan of Deerhunter. I think I remember it being slightly too noisy for my taste, something just didn’t click. I did like Bradford Cox’s solo effort, Atlas Sound, but that was totally minimal and electronic and nothing like his work with Deerhunter. But then I had a chance to listen to their newest album, Microcastle, and was absolutely blown away. The album is much more concise, much easier to listen to, and dare I say, more pop? Maybe it’s because Bradford has been hanging out with the dudes in Animal Collective more? Who knows? But the album is going to surprise a whole lot of people when it comes out, which is still yet to be determined.

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Never Stops by Deerhunter

Lykke Li
I’d been reading about Lykke Li for a while but it wasn’t until a friend suggested I listen to her that I actually took the initiative to do it. Lykke is a 22 year old Swedish singer who also happens to be rather well connected. Her newest album, Youth Novel, was produced by Björn Yttling of Peter Bjorn and John, and she’s connected to other Swede musicians like The Concretes, Robyn, and El Perro del Mar. Her music is very well produced, lots of strings, semi-electronic, very Swedish. Her voice is soft slightly raspy and beautiful, with subtle hints of her accent which make her sound even better. So far she hasn’t quite broken out, but I could totally see her showing up on an Apple commercial in the near future.

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Let It Fall by Lykke Li


i-D Magazine Interviews KAWS

This months issue of i-D Magazine features a collaboration with graffiti/artist/creative genius KAWS and man does it look epic. The issue features that whole crew of people including BAPE founder Nigo, Kanye, Pharell, and I’m sure everyone else in that whole scene. I just think it’s rad that they let KAWS art direct the whole issue, including illustrations over the fashion spreads and the such. Hypebeast posted this interview that i-D did with Kaws and it’s kind of cool to see him speak about the process and his own work. Having met a few pretty amazing artists over the last year of running this blog, I always find it extremely interesting to see what artists, these people who I so admire, are really like. So far they’ve all been extremely cool and nice, and KAWS seems equally so as well.


Jörn Kaspuhl

German illustrator Jörn Kaspuhl’s site has been sitting in a tab in my browser for way too long now, so I definitely think it’s time to talk about him. Jörn was born in Stade, Germany, then moved to Hamburg in 2002 where he studied illustration as well as working freelance since then.

Going through his site he’s got a really good blend of projects, but I was really into his portraits. First off, the people you see above are Jarvis Cocker and Bonnie Prince Billy, just in case you didn’t know. Second,I really like that he’s created these really odd and amazing looks on their faces, his other portraits are very similar in style as well. I’m also totally digging the color palette of these as well, the Jarvis Cocker one specifically. He also has some realyl great music illustrations and editorial work, so take a minute and check out his work.


How To Make A Tord Boontje Rug

Reading through the newest issue of Dwell I came across this awesome little article about the process of coming up with and creating Little Field of Flowers, the beautiful Tord Boontje rug I want so badly.

The article outlines the process Tord and his team went through, designing the rug and the shapes and patterns of the leaves. Then after that they ran through several prototypes, trying to figure out what was right. At first the rug was going to be a simple relief, but Tord didn’t like that and push the folks at Nanimarquina to try something more bold. They decided to die cut the flowers out of bright colored industrial felt, with 3 different patterns coming in 3 different colorways. After that the flowers are weaved together on giant looms, taking about one day to complete an entire rug.

The article is pretty brief but it’s definitely worth checking out. Sadly, it’s not online or I would point you to it.


Raymond Biesinger

A staple of every good magazine is the illustrator. Not every article needs a photograph and often times an info-graphic alone can help you decide whether or not the story is something you want to read. One such person who absolutely excels at this practice is Raymond Biesinger.

Raymond is a Canadian illustrator who’s style reminds me of old school prints or illustrations in books from the 50’s. Everything has this mildly gritty appearance and nothing is quite perfect. Those textures and imperfections are what I find so beautiful and amazing. I’m also in love with how much black and white work he does. The blacks feel so saturated somehow, I don’t know how he does. He’s also rather good with colors as well, but he uses them rather sparingly. I’ve put a couple more images under the cut, so be sure to check those out as well.

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Praq by Tjep.

I was inspired today to post some architecture, so I was really happy when I came across this amazing little restaurant called Prak. Prak is a unique concept that creates a place to eat that’s both fun for kids and adults, sort of like a well-designed, contemporary, Chuck E. Cheese!

The space was designed by the folks over at Tjep., a Dutch design agency that actually makes a ton of amazing stuff. I feel like they did such an amazing job that it’s hard to know where to start! First thing I noticed is all the great shapes and exposed wood beams. Then probably the color palette which is pretty much natural wood, white, teal blues, pinks, and oranges. I also really love that they mixed giant pieces of colorful acrylic with a more traditional furniture pieces. The only downside I could see to this place is that unfortunately, it’s made for children to run around in!

I also thought it was cute that Praq in Dutch means “mashed food”! Definitely check out the rest of Tjep.’s work, it totally made my day so far.