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New ‘This American Life’ Animation by Chris Ware

The new season of This American Life started on May 4th so they had the fabulous Chris Ware create another animated short for an upcoming episode called Every Marriage Is a Courthouse. The episode is mostly about marriages that fall apart, but the story he animates is about a couple who were walking through New York one day when suddenly they see Jackie Onassis waving at the wife. The husband tells the story, then the wife tells the story, but the thing is, in the wife’s version the husband was never there!

Chris’ drawings have never looked better, and seeing them animated again are real treat. Hopefully he creates more of these, like one every episode. They’re so damn enjoyable and pleasing in every way.

Found through Drawn!


Micro-photos and Nudibranchs

I stumbled across some really rad nature stuff so I thought I’d lump them both into one post. The first thing I found is called Eye of Science, a photo pair made up of Oliver Meckes and Nicole Ottowa who take micro-photos of all sorts of crazy stuff. Like the two bottom images are crystals magnified at 620 and 650 times the original size. The colors and composition of these images are really amazing, like tiny sculptures that seem impossible to make.

The other cool thing I found my boyfriend sent me after he saw it on Boing Boing. It’s a gallery of National Geographic of images of nudibranchs, which are toxic sea slugs that are just as beautiful as they are deadly. There are 9 images total, but they look so amazing! They’re all brightly colored, a good sign that something is highly toxic or tastes horrible, but so amazing to look at. The one above is a Bornella anguilla, which “flees danger by folding in it’s appendages and swimming like an eel”, how crazy is that? I totally want one of these as a pet!


Today Is the Day

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Today Is the Day by Yo La Tengo

For some reason I woke up this morning with a hankering to hear a certain Yo La Tengo song, but I couldn’t remember which one it was. I finally remembered that the song was Today Is the Day, a song that was off of their album Summer Sun. But they released a Today Is the Day EP as well, and instead of putting the original version on there, they put this amazing sped up version that destroys the original. Seriously, if you don’t want your ass kicked by Yo La Tengo right now, don’t listen to this.

On a sidenote, I made that cover above because I couldn’t find a large image of the original. The background and letters are made up of images from Michael Surtees’ New York City Colour Study project. Basically he takes a picture of the sky over Manhattan every morning around 7 am every day, documenting how different the sky can look day to day. I figured since the album was titled Today Is the Day it was kind of fitting. Also, Yo La Tengo is from Hoboken, New Jersey which pretty much shares the same sky as Manhattan, so it works for me. Probably not the most creative of the covers I’ve made, but it’s very conceptual, something I don’t do often.

Also be sure to check out Michael’s blog DesignNotes, it’s a good read.


The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Olimpia Zagnoli

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Olimpia Zagnoli

Olimpia Zagnoli

Last week a reader named Sarah wrote in the comments that she’d like to see a female artist here in the DWP, so Sarah, I’d like to present this week’s contributor, Olimpia Zagnoli. Olimpia is an Italian illustrator who’s work I posted about recently and immediately wrote her to see if she’d make a wallpaper. I was immediately drawn to her linework and color choices, and I knew she’d come up with something amazing.

As you can see above, her wallpaper turned out awesome. The simplicity of the the wallpaper is awesome, and the shapes are totally beautiful. And it’s such a small detail, but I would never have thought to put a pink circle thing at the top corner like that, but for some reason that little detail really makes it pop. I kind of feel like the wallpaper is telling some sort of Godard-esque tale about cheating lovers in Paris, couldn’t you see that? Okay, maybe I just have an overactive imagination…

Dan Funderburgh’s Work at Fellow Traveller

I wrote in my art show round-up last week that Dan Funderburgh was having a show in Brooklyn, so he was rad enough to send me some photos of the work he had up. He had mentioned to me that he was making “40 tools” for the exhibit, but I wasn’t really sure what he meant until I got to see these photos. As you can see, the ‘gunbrella’ from The DWP was turned into a real, giant sculpture! How cool is that?!

As you can see from the photos he went crazy, making grenades, files, saws, wrenches, a staple gun, a chainsaw, a gas can, and even a boomerang! The details are also totally amazing, like I can’t believe he had the patience to make all of those. I have a bunch more photos under the cut, so be sure to check all of them out. If you’re in the Brooklyn area as well, be sure to check out the show in person, I’m sure it’s even better!

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Lillies: Solar Lily Pads

Moving away from the last past and out of Mordor is a brilliant little concept simply called Lillies. Lillies is alternative idea to the usual roof mounted solar panels, this time being placed in the River Clyde in Glasgow and resembling giant lily pads. The lily pads would be tethered to the river bed where they would slowly rotate throughout the day to get the optimal exposure and suck up as much as energy as possible.

I think this is a really great idea as long as it was executed in an artistic way. I think it would suck to have a bunch of ugly metal discs sitting out in the river not doing anything, but the idea has serious potential. There are no plans to build the lily pads yet, but the idea is being pithed to the Glasgow City Council where a test project could be developed. What do you guys think, does the idea float? (Ugh, I’m sorry, that just popped into my head and I had to write down, haha…)

For more information you can read the BBC article.
Found through Inhabitat


Ooo, Mordor Is A Place on Earth

You know when you see something in a photo and it totally reminds you of some other thing you know about? That’s how I felt when I saw the photos of Lliama, Chilé’s crazy exploding volcano… Mordor is a real place. For those of you unfamiliar with Lord of the RIngs nerdiness, Mordor was the home of Sauron, that big guy who smashed everyone in the first movie and then became that fiery eyeball in the sky in the other ones.

As you can see in the photos above, there’s no doubt at all that the southern part of Chilé will be soon overrun with orcs and goblins and Nazgûl will be flying through the sky. For more crazy photos of the volcano with the lightning and hell breaking loose, take a visit here.


Apartment Baking: Impromptu Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

I was a little bummed that I didn’t get to make cupcakes this weekend due to the power outage, so tonight I asked my roommate if he’d be down to eat a chocolate chip cupcake and he was REALLY excited about it. So at 9 pm I decided to bust out the baking supplies and bake me up some delicious cupcakes!

This was honestly my second attempt at making cupcakes, so I found some Martha Stewart recipe online and retrofitted it into something that: A) Fit the ingredients I had and, B) Sounded really good. So I threw it all together, including some Ghiradelli chocolate chips that were on sale at that store that sounded delicious. After 45 minutes of work (and waiting) I pulled them out of the oven and they were actually turned out perfect! I was a little worried, the last one’s were cooked a little bit too long, but I made sure to not overdo this batch and they were a success.

My roommate and I sat down with two giant cupcakes and a glass of milk each and devoured the damn things. I have to say, the chocolate chips all melted inside were quite a treat, almost a surprise! I guess the blogs tagline is ‘Eat. Drink. Design.’, so this sort of fits in with everything else, right? Anyhow, as a treat for reading this far… did you know I have a super secret project coming up with 5 amazing artists and designers that will be available this summer? And that you’ve never seen anything like it before? Well, now you do.


Photos From Kevin Lyons’ Show, Your Mom’s In My Business

Last Friday I popped over to the Kevin Lyons show over at HVW8 on Melrose and it was a good time. The show is called Your Mom’s In My Business and was made up of drawings and doodles that Kevin made while he was riding the train 4 hours a day back and forth to work. The work isn’t deep and full of meaning, but it has a good sense of humor and is sharp as a tack. It’s not even all his own work, some things are pulled from magazines and who knows where, but it’s rad nonetheless. The show’s gonna be up until June 15th, so be sure to stop by if you’re in the area.

To see a bunch more photos of the show check out my Flickr Set!


The New A Bathing Ape Store in Los Angeles

A couple weeks ago I was driving down Melrose heading toward the Beverly Center when I was shocked to see a pink, neon glow that I hadn’t seen before. Bear in mind I’m driving at dusk, a little after the sun had set, so this was BRIGHT. As I get closer I realize that this has to be the brand new A Bathing Ape store that has been in the process of opening forever.

For the five you who’ve never heard of A Bathing Ape, it’s basically this cult clothing brand in Japan, mostly because of it’s limited edition t-shirts and sneakers. Is it really all that exciting? I personally don’t think so, but Nigo, the man behind A Bathing Ape, is pretty smart and has come up with some great designs over the years. So while you won’t see me shopping there any time soon, it was still exciting to come upon.

The store was created by one of the best architecture/design firms companies out there, Wonderwall. I’ve been a huge fan of Wonderwall’s work for years now, so it’s exciting to have something of theirs here in Los Angeles. It’s a lot like the other BAPE stores out there, a lot of glass and patterns and neon, but it’s pretty cool in person. While I was taking photos there was a couple taking Facebook photos from the reflected neon light, so I thought that was funny.

Check under the cut for a bunch more photos!

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