Eley Kishimoto Flash Pattern Sneakers

Started in the early 90’s, Eley Kishimoto is the duo of Mark Eley and Wakako Kishimoto, a couple of really creative fashion designers who’ve worked with some of the biggest names out there. They also created a fantastic little print called Flash, which adorns the shoes you see above. Their form is based after Chuck Taylor’s giving them a classic look but the all over Flash print makes these totally unique without being over the top.

They’re available at A.P.C.’s online shop for $140 BUT the whole site is in Japanese and I doubt they’d ship outside of Japan. I wonder if the store here in LA has these? Also be sure to check out Eley Kishimoto’s blog which even features some photos of Sebastian Tellier playing live.

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Cut Copy Live at Echoplex

As I wrote yesterday I went to see Cut Copy last night and let me just say, they’re AMAZING. I had my worries because they’re so electronic sounding, but they play live instruments pretty much 98% of the time. But I’ll go back to the beginning of the story…

I was going to the show with my friend Mark and we got to the Echoplex around 9:30, where we were greeted with a line. A line to get in to a venue, even though we had will call tickets waiting for us. I was really annoyed by this, but we ended up only having to wait like 10 minutes, so I guess it was no big deal, but the security guys out front were complete morons and were not helpful at all in telling people what was going on. We grabbed drinks and talked to some other friends of ours before the show started, staring at all the weirdos. I was looking at this one guy, thinking he was really cute, but I’m very spoken for, so whatever. But it turns out that guy was the bass player for Cut Copy, hahaha… I guess I have good taste?

Right before the show started Mark and I pushed our way tot he front, pretending to look for people we knew who were at the front. We ended up stopping behind some 220 lb., 6′ 7″ giant douche bag, who when Cut Copy played he just threw his arms into the air like something you’d see in a 90’s gangsta rap video. Then there was his friend who was pretty much the same weight but like 5′ 5″ who just kept grinding into his girlfriend while dancing and holding her shoes. I was hoping my mutant powers would kick in so I could blow them up with my mind, but sadly nothing happened.

The show itself was awesome though. They played songs from the new and old album, they had a ton of energy and were exactly how I hoped they’d be. They opened with Out There on the Ice, which is definitely one of my favorite songs on their new album. They also played Future of the the last album, so that was fun to hear too. The show was about an hour long and that was perfect, even though it went by really fast. After the show we tried to get into the after party that Cut Copy was DJing but were promptly told that we weren’t on the guest list nor did we RSVP. Oh the glamorous life of a blogger…

If you get the chance to go see Cut Copy, I would definitely go do it. The visuals are great and they put on a super-solid live show.


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Light and Music by Cut Copy

Tonight around 8 I’m headed over to the Echoplex to see Cut Copy, who just so happens to have one of the best records of the year. I’ve heard good things, that they definitely play really well live, but I’m still a little worried. I’m also worried that the Echoplex is going to be 4 trillion degrees inside and I might melt. I’m definitely going to have stay well hydrated ; )

The video above is for Lights and Music, which I think is their newest single off their album. This is exactly how I imagine tonight being, except you’d see me right in front dancing really hard and screaming, haha… I’m really not one of those people, I swear, but there will be a little dancing coming from my direction. If you’re going tonight email me and let me know!

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Last Week in Music | 05/11/08 – 05/18/08

Last week in music was a good one, but not too much new to report sadly.
The Accidental came up first of course, as I couldn’t stop listening to their album, There Were Wolves. If you didn’t listen to it, click the album name right back there and you can listen to the whole thing online. I promise, they’re damn good.

Then came Josh Ritter at number 2, who I’ve been listening to at least once a day, much to my roommates chagrin. That’s not true, he likes Josh, just not me singing “But he’s the next to last true romantic….” over and over again. After that came Air, Death Cab and French Kicks, followed by Fleet Foxes, Yo La Tengo. At number 8 is Cut Copy, who I’m going to see at the Echoplex tonight and I can’t friggin wait. I’m gonna dance my ass off and take a million photos, so much fun! Finishing the list was Beirut and Black Moth Super Rainbow, though I only listened to those albums twice, so something is definitely wrong. I’m pretty sure I listened to The Grand Archives and the new Wolf Parade album way more than that. Lame.


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Emailing Me + Other Odds and Ends

Good morning everyone, hopefully you all had an awesome weekend! It got pretty hot here in Los Angeles, but I personally love the hot weather, I don’t do well with the cold at all.

It came to my attention last week that the email address on my contact and advertising page wasn’t working, which really freaked me out. I’m guessing for the last 3 to 4 months that address hasn’t worked. The point being, if you emailed me at hello@kitsunenoir.com and I didn’t get back to you, it wasn’t my fault, so stop hating me. The proper address is thefoxisblack@gmail.com, so be sure to write that down. I always try to write all of you back, no matter what sort of weird things you guys send.

I’m also gonna try and post some photos of my apartment soon-ish as well, we’re still putting away some boxes because we’re down to the crap we don’t want to throw away but don’t know where to put. Alright, back to blogging.


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My Year In Lists by Los Campesinos!

I hope everyone is having a good Sunday! Last night and this morning I’ve been busy putting together a teepee, which is all I can say for right now, I think. I’m not sure if the project I’m building it for is a secret or not, but if it isn’t I’ll post photos in the next couple days. But this whole time I’ve been building I’ve had My Year In Lists stuck in my head, this awesome song by the band Los Campesinos!

I’ve posted the video above, and even though the song is only 1:49 long, it’ll be the best 1:49 of your day today. The song “essentially mulls over the process of living out a relationship via Royal Mail, and bemoans the tedium of the New Year.” I love the quick cuts, seeing how damn cute the entire band is and all the fun badges in the video. To listen to more of their songs, check out their Last.fm page here.


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New eboy Los Angeles Poster

After spending most of this afternoon on the beach I figured this was a good thing to post about today. eboy earlier this week released a brand new poster celebrating the awesome craziness that is Los Angeles, and I’ll definitely admit they did a damn good job. They got the Hollywood sign, they got the Arby’s (called Hats in the picture) which is on Sunset, the Norms which could either be on La Cienega or in Santa Monica, the In-N-Out on Sunset, Paul Frank and Kid Robot on Melrose, fiberglass Eames chairs with Eiffel bases, the zombies on Rodeo Dr., the cars basically parked on the 110 near downtown, and all the sluts out on the beach, and a ton more shit. You can even spot Britney and her dog getting paparrazi’ed!

My roommate Garrett and I were a little bummed that there were no tar pits and dino bones, but alas they couldn’t fit everything in. What’s really cool is that the poster measures 46.8″ wide by 33.1″ high, and it’s only 16 Euros ($25)! That’s so cheap for such a giant, awesome poster! I’m tempted to get one of these for the new apartment but I can’t commit such a large piece of wall real estate yet!

To see an extra large preview, click here.


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There Were Wolves by The Accidental

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

I Can Hear Your Voice by The Accidental

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Slice Open The Day by The Accidental

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Time and Space by The Accidental

Sometimes judging a book, or a record in this case, by it’s cover is a good decision to make. I saw the cover of The Accidental’s new album, There Were Wolves, and was immediately curious and had to listen to it right away. I knew nothing about them but as soon as a I put the first song on I instantly liked it. I listened to that first song a little more though, and all of a sudden I heard one of the male vocals and freaked out! It was Sam Genders, lead singer of Tunng! Turns out The Accidental is one of those awesome side project kind of bands, somewhere between The Postal Service and The Reindeer Section.

Like I said before there’s Sam Genders from Tunng doing most of the vocals, Stephen Cracknell from The Memory Band, Hannah Caughlin of The Bicycle Thieves, and Liam Bailey rounding out the bunch. The band came together pretty randomly, but it turns out they sound amazing together! For those of you who’ve heard of Tunng, this is a lot like that, mostly because of Genders’ vocals, but The Accidental is even better. The songs are more melodic, Hanna Caughlin’s vocals lend some lightness to the album, and the string arrangements are awesome. There are also a couple of instrumental tracks as well, which I always enjoy.

You can listen to the entire album over on Last.fm, which I highly suggest you go and do. I mean, what do you have to lose? If you’re a fan of folk sounds or music that’s really layered and well produced, definitely give this a shot. The album is out in the UK already, and will be released on June 3rd here in the States.


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