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Kronan’s American Online Store is Open

I can’t remember where I saw my first Kronan, I want to say it was a catalog that was photographed really well by someone, but since then I’ve wanted one. The biggest problem was that they had no stores in the US and you couldn’t order them online… until today. Kronan is a Swedish company who’s been making bikes since the 1940’s, so they know what they’re doing. But these have been updated will all the bells and whistles of modern day bikes, so you get that old fashioned style mixed with modern technology.

I just think they look damn sexy. I haven’t ridden a bike in years, but these make me want one sooo bad. I’d even face Los Angeles traffic if I had one of these (I’m lying, I would ride it on the sidewalk). I also really like the colors they have, including the ultra sexy creme in the photo above, but also black, red, green and blue. They also come in different styles as well, depending upon you and what you like. They have a men’s and women’s 3-Speed, a men’s and women’s single speed, and an aluminum, unisex 5-speed. So whatever style you like, they’ve got it. But of course, something so awesome doesn’t come cheap, so you’re looking at $500 to $700 depending upon the model you want.

I think these bikes would be worth every penny, they’ve got a beautiful classic style and they look as sturdy as can be. Just go visit the site and fall in love like I did.


Untitled Magazine No. 002

Mike Perry just released the second issue of his cool artsy magazine, Untitled. This time around it’s the swimsuit issue, and based upon the preview it’s definitely fill with a bunch of bikini-clad, hot chicks. But because Mike is the brainchild, there are also a ton of really rad drawings, cool fonts, and splashes of blue and lavender all over. The contributors on this issue are Anthony Wallace, Luke Ramsey, Brigitte Sire, Robin Cameron, Noah Sheldon, Damien Correll, Ben Frederickson, Milan Zrnic, Jeremy Williams, Josh Clancy, Theo Morrison, Wyeth Hansen, Anna Wolf, and Mike Perry.

The issue is 80 pages and only costs $18, so go visit the site and pick yourself up a copy!


A Few More Beats – And Maybe, A New Sound: 01

I hear new music almost every day from all over the place, but I don’t always feel like an entire album review is warranted. So I decided that I’ll post some of the songs that really stand out to me every week, new or old, doesn’t matter, just things I’m liking. I’ve decided to call it A Few More Beats – And Maybe, A New Sound. I borrowed this title from somewhere, and it’s up to one of you to figure it out. If you can tell me where I got this name, I’ll send you something rad and random in the mail, no matter where on earth you are. I’ve Googled the title and done a number of searches, so hopefully it’s not too easy!


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Lon Chaney by Vetiver

Vetiver has a new album coming out called Thing of the Past, a cover album of old and rare songs. I probbaly could have written a review about this album, its really damn good, but this one song really stuck out to me. The song is a remake of a Garland Jeffreys song of the same name, and it’s absolutely haunting. Though it comes in at around four and half minutes, I don’t ever want this song to end, with it’s beautiful piano part and it’s moaning cello.


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Chemtrails by Beck

Beck just the other day released this new song of his upcoming album Modern Guilt and it’s sounding really good. The song is called Chemtrails, and it’s kind of haunting as well. This new album is being produced by the unstoppable Dangermouse, and it’s clearly evident once you hear how layered and crisp everything sounds. This album is gonna be a definite purchase for me, I can’t wait to hear more.


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I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You by Black Kids

I’m really excited about the Black Kids upcoming album, especially after hearing their first EP, The Wizard of Ahhhs. They kind of sound like a mixture between the Cure and The Go! Team, which means dance party forever. I dare you to try and not dance to this song, with all it’s awesome synths, guitar solos, and harmonizing.



I’ve been keeping this idea to myself lately, but I swear it’s true. The Australians are going to destroy us with their art, and seeing the work of Ghostpatrol further solidifies this idea. Ghostpatrol is an Australian artist currently working in a studio in Melbourne called Mitten Fortress, which may possibly be one of the best names for a studio EVER. Ghosty started out stenciling walls but has since moved into painting which I’m enjoying a lot. Above is one of my favorite things I saw on his site, these sanded down pencils with paintings of children with large noggins. But his work goes all over the place, from plush dolls to giant murals so be sure to check out all of his amazing work!

Found through draw.kyu


Bloc Matches

It’s funny how inspiration comes from the most unlikely places, but I was reading through the newest issue of Gourmet when I came across these awesome matches called Bloc. These blocks of matches are carved from a single block of pine, with the striking area at the bottom. The blocks come in 4 different ways though. There’s the Bloc 36, which has 36 matches, Bloc 100, which has 100 matches, The Bush, which is a longer match used for lighting a fireplace, and The Log, which is a piece of wood that when taken apart properly gives you 9 pieces of wood, making for excellent kindling. The Bloc series was created by designer Franck Fontana who also made that Invisible Bookshelf.

I think these are amazing on many different levels. First there’s no waste involved, everything is made from wood and can be burned ( I know, carbon, whatever). Second, they look amazing, I absolutely love the Bloc 36 and 100, I think they’d look good just sitting out on a table. They’re also pretty cheap as well, running about $20 – $40 for everything I talked about.

I had a hell of a time tracking these down, but I eventually found them for sale at (the magazine printed the url wrong).

One Laptop Per Child’s XOXO

One Laptop Per Child, or OLPC, is an organization that makes cheap, but not poor quality, computers to benefit children in less fortunate situations. They’ve been committed to making these laptops $100 (though they’re currently priced at $188) to help schools be able to afford these computers, dubbed XO. Well now OLPC has announced the second incarnation of the XO, now called the XOXO, seems like quite an ambitious leap.

The new XO 2.0 would feature a dual touch screen, only consume one watt of power and retail for $75 when it comes out in 2010. This sounds like a lovely idea, but really? How in the hell would this possible? An iPhone has one touch screen a quarter the size of the one of those screens and it goes for $400. The keyboard would be on the touch screen, but wouldn’t you need some sort of haptic response to know that you’re typing? I think it would be obnoxious to hear a fake key sound every time I hit a letter. This is the equivalent of that book Penny owned from Inspector Gadget!

I just really don’t see how they’re going to cram all of that technology AND do it on the cheap BY 2010. I know Yves Behar is an amazing designer, but I don’t think even Jonathan Ive could figure this one out. Here’s to hoping I’m wrong!

Found through Gizmodo


The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Tessar Lo

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Tessar Lo

Tessar Lo

Hey, it’s Wednesday already! I’m also feeling under the weather today, I think I’ve caught a bit of a cold, so my wit factor has been taken down a notch, I know, lame. Anyhow, this week’s DWP contributor was one of those people who I went out on a limb when I wrote him, thinking there would be nooooo way he’d do it, but as you can see he totally pulled through. This week’s artist is a guy named Tessar Lo, who was born in Indonesia, graduated from the Sheridan Institute in illustration and now calls Los Angeles his home.

I fell in love with Tessar’s work as soon as I saw it. His line work looks so flawless, his colors are spot are well chosen and i love how ethereal it all is, especially this week’s wallpaper. I think it’s so rad that he was able to merge women, water, plants, fish AND black foxes all into one beautiful little swirl. When I opened this up in my inbox my obvious reaction was, “holy shit.” I hope you guys enjoy it all as much as I do!

Lacoste Future: Celebrating 75 Years

To celebrate it’s 75th anniversary, Lacoste has decided to take a look into the future with an online video they’ve created called Lacoste Future, which shows just what tennis could look like in the future. Looking and moving like it came out of Metal Gear Solid 4 (think Raiden), but it’s definitely one of the better “future glimpses” to come out of a fashion house. The site gives an in depth look at the clothing and equipment used in the spot, including a racket with unbreakable magnetic string, shoes with an embedded OLED display, and a face mask that not only protects the wearer but is able to help visualize where the ball will land. Oh yeah, and the clothes look pretty cool, kind of rugby meets tennis meets Stormtrooper. They even have a section where you can download stills from the movie as a desktop background, pretty cool, huh?

Definitely watch the movie above, and then check out the site, it’s really well done.

Found through Fubiz