Vintage John O’Hara Covers by Tomer Hanuka

It seems to me like book covers might just be the next big thing that illustrators start migrating into. I think I noticed the trend with Tomer Hanuka’s cover for Marquis De Sade’s The Immoral Mentors, so it’s fitting that he’s back at it again, this time around creating covers for two John O’Hara books. Both of the books are about people and their difficulty with their social status, and he does an exellent job at portraying that in both covers. The books are Appointment in Samarra and Butterfield 8, the first about a social elitist who’s life starts to spiral out of control when he can no longer keep up with the circle he runs with, and the second about a beautiful woman found dead on Long Island Beach, the reason for her death never known.

I really love the Appointment in Samarra cover a lot, the details in the car are superb and the man cast in so many shadows shows just how dark his life is going to become. The Butterfield 8 cover is beautiful and elegant, showing what a waste her death was. Hopefully Tomer keeps cranking these out, he does such an awesome job.


May 27, 2008