Sensing Sounds Visual Turntables

Scott Hobbs is a British product designer who seems to me like the kind of guy who’s going to create some awesome things in his life. He’s just now finishing his 4th year at Dundee University and he’s already come up with a new form of turntable as a part of a project called Sensing Sounds. He’s taken the record and traditional turntable out of the equation and has replaced them with two touch sensitive screens that gives you a visual of the waveform the music is creating.

Based upon the videos above it looks pretty damn cool. It’s kind of like simplifying the act of DJing to a super-simple level, you can just look at the screen and literally SEE the beats, which I’m sure would make it much easier to match beats. I’m a very visual person, so seeing this makes it seem like something I could really do. For more information about the project including an entire written proposal, visit his site by clicking the link above.


May 26, 2008