Salt + Pepper

For some reason I’ve been having these weird dreams, and lately they’ve been about design and art. In my opinion this is pretty damn weird, but it’s also kind of exciting because I’ve been having getting some really creative ideas from them lately, I can only hope they continue. But one dream in particular was about redesigning salt and pepper containers, like the big Morton Salt kind. But my dream “told me” (haha) to make it really modern and awesome looking.

So I came up with the two ideas above, a very simple and modern version of what those generic containers could be. The image on the salt containers is a close-up of salt crystals, and the pepper container has peppercorns. Anyhow, I knew that the salt needed a white band and the pepper a black band that would then translate to the top and bottom of the container as well. So when you go to the store you wouldn’t really need to even look at the words on the side, just look at the top. The font used was Univers simply because I’m sick of using Helvetica, but I think it looks good anyhow. I decided to go with a light version to let the photo be more prevalent than the text.

That’s about it, I just started this a couple hours ago so I thought I’d post about it while it was still fresh. What do you guys think? And if you know anyone looking to buy awesome salt and pepper packaging, go ahead and send them my way.


May 26, 2008