Alex Prager

Last week my buddy Eric gave me a heads up about this photographer Alex Prager, so I checked out her site, and was totally stunned. Alex works in Los Angeles, shooting photos that are extremely retro in their styling, but modern in their execution. Imagine the set of The Birds, or an episode of The Wonder Years, but shot in this weird, almost Stepford Wives kind of way. It’s kind of like she crafted a bunch of personas from different pieces of characters in films and then photographed it. The colors are bright, but somewhat desaturated and definitely surreal.

The top image reminds of a somewhere between The Birds and Jaws, you don’t know whether or not the threat is going to come from above or below, either way she’s totally screwed. The bottom photo makes me think of Dali Atomicus, which captures Dali jumping in the air, cats and water flying by and the easel and other furniture are starting to float. They’re both very out there, but really fun.


May 26, 2008