Card-Board: A Cardboard Surfboard

I haven’t been surfing for probably 5 years now, but when I would go I really loved it. I was never good and I’ve probably ridden about 5 waves successfully, but there’s definitely something exciting about surfing and surf culture in general. But what happens when a web programmer decides to build his board not in the traditional way, with foam, but with 3-D modeling? Well you get an entirely new experience.

Mike Sheldrake had no idea how to carve a board, so he took to his computer, a tool he was much more familiar with, and designed himself a snap together board made out of… cardboard. The board is made up of almost 400 pieces of regular old cardboard which are cut out by a computer controlled saw. Because of the unique hexagonal and triangle patterns the boards strength is increased, dispersing the force evenly throughout the board. After he put it all together it’s wrapped in a fiberglass cloth and hardened with epoxy, just like a real board. So what you’re seeing up there is more like the core, you don’t ride that hole-y beast. Mike wants to start selling these online in the near future, so keep an eye out!

Found through Pop Sci


May 23, 2008