Buttefly Lamp by VINTA

K.I.S.S., Keep It Simple Stupid. It may be cheesy, but it’s honestly one of those sayings that I take to heart not only when it comes to design, but my life in general. And I definitely feel like the folks over at VINTA live by a similar mantra. I couldn’t really find much information out about them, but I’m pretty sure they’re Japanese, at least the end of their URL is. Anyhow, I saw this awesome lamp they created called Buttefly and was instantly in love. And so we’re clear, it is Buttefly, not Butterfly, haha…

The lamp was inspired by one of the simplest things out there, a folded piece of paper. But imagine the piece of paper being folded almost perfectly in half. Because of that imperfection, the light can peak at no matter what. But then when you unfold the light it becomes a really large, beautiful light. It’s simplicity is amazing, and the aluminum body really makes it sleek. I’m pretty sure that this isn’t for sale, but I could see MUJI totally being into this sort of design, couldn’t you?


May 23, 2008