Untitled Magazine No. 002

Mike Perry just released the second issue of his cool artsy magazine, Untitled. This time around it’s the swimsuit issue, and based upon the preview it’s definitely fill with a bunch of bikini-clad, hot chicks. But because Mike is the brainchild, there are also a ton of really rad drawings, cool fonts, and splashes of blue and lavender all over. The contributors on this issue are Anthony Wallace, Luke Ramsey, Brigitte Sire, Robin Cameron, Noah Sheldon, Damien Correll, Ben Frederickson, Milan Zrnic, Jeremy Williams, Josh Clancy, Theo Morrison, Wyeth Hansen, Anna Wolf, and Mike Perry.

The issue is 80 pages and only costs $18, so go visit the site and pick yourself up a copy!


May 22, 2008