Lacoste Future: Celebrating 75 Years

To celebrate it’s 75th anniversary, Lacoste has decided to take a look into the future with an online video they’ve created called Lacoste Future, which shows just what tennis could look like in the future. Looking and moving like it came out of Metal Gear Solid 4 (think Raiden), but it’s definitely one of the better “future glimpses” to come out of a fashion house. The site gives an in depth look at the clothing and equipment used in the spot, including a racket with unbreakable magnetic string, shoes with an embedded OLED display, and a face mask that not only protects the wearer but is able to help visualize where the ball will land. Oh yeah, and the clothes look pretty cool, kind of rugby meets tennis meets Stormtrooper. They even have a section where you can download stills from the movie as a desktop background, pretty cool, huh?

Definitely watch the movie above, and then check out the site, it’s really well done.

Found through Fubiz


May 20, 2008