Cut Copy Live at Echoplex

As I wrote yesterday I went to see Cut Copy last night and let me just say, they’re AMAZING. I had my worries because they’re so electronic sounding, but they play live instruments pretty much 98% of the time. But I’ll go back to the beginning of the story…

I was going to the show with my friend Mark and we got to the Echoplex around 9:30, where we were greeted with a line. A line to get in to a venue, even though we had will call tickets waiting for us. I was really annoyed by this, but we ended up only having to wait like 10 minutes, so I guess it was no big deal, but the security guys out front were complete morons and were not helpful at all in telling people what was going on. We grabbed drinks and talked to some other friends of ours before the show started, staring at all the weirdos. I was looking at this one guy, thinking he was really cute, but I’m very spoken for, so whatever. But it turns out that guy was the bass player for Cut Copy, hahaha… I guess I have good taste?

Right before the show started Mark and I pushed our way tot he front, pretending to look for people we knew who were at the front. We ended up stopping behind some 220 lb., 6′ 7″ giant douche bag, who when Cut Copy played he just threw his arms into the air like something you’d see in a 90’s gangsta rap video. Then there was his friend who was pretty much the same weight but like 5′ 5″ who just kept grinding into his girlfriend while dancing and holding her shoes. I was hoping my mutant powers would kick in so I could blow them up with my mind, but sadly nothing happened.

The show itself was awesome though. They played songs from the new and old album, they had a ton of energy and were exactly how I hoped they’d be. They opened with Out There on the Ice, which is definitely one of my favorite songs on their new album. They also played Future of the the last album, so that was fun to hear too. The show was about an hour long and that was perfect, even though it went by really fast. After the show we tried to get into the after party that Cut Copy was DJing but were promptly told that we weren’t on the guest list nor did we RSVP. Oh the glamorous life of a blogger…

If you get the chance to go see Cut Copy, I would definitely go do it. The visuals are great and they put on a super-solid live show.


May 20, 2008