Last Week in Music | 05/11/08 – 05/18/08

Last week in music was a good one, but not too much new to report sadly.
The Accidental came up first of course, as I couldn’t stop listening to their album, There Were Wolves. If you didn’t listen to it, click the album name right back there and you can listen to the whole thing online. I promise, they’re damn good.

Then came Josh Ritter at number 2, who I’ve been listening to at least once a day, much to my roommates chagrin. That’s not true, he likes Josh, just not me singing “But he’s the next to last true romantic….” over and over again. After that came Air, Death Cab and French Kicks, followed by Fleet Foxes, Yo La Tengo. At number 8 is Cut Copy, who I’m going to see at the Echoplex tonight and I can’t friggin wait. I’m gonna dance my ass off and take a million photos, so much fun! Finishing the list was Beirut and Black Moth Super Rainbow, though I only listened to those albums twice, so something is definitely wrong. I’m pretty sure I listened to The Grand Archives and the new Wolf Parade album way more than that. Lame.


May 19, 2008