New eboy Los Angeles Poster

After spending most of this afternoon on the beach I figured this was a good thing to post about today. eboy earlier this week released a brand new poster celebrating the awesome craziness that is Los Angeles, and I’ll definitely admit they did a damn good job. They got the Hollywood sign, they got the Arby’s (called Hats in the picture) which is on Sunset, the Norms which could either be on La Cienega or in Santa Monica, the In-N-Out on Sunset, Paul Frank and Kid Robot on Melrose, fiberglass Eames chairs with Eiffel bases, the zombies on Rodeo Dr., the cars basically parked on the 110 near downtown, and all the sluts out on the beach, and a ton more shit. You can even spot Britney and her dog getting paparrazi’ed!

My roommate Garrett and I were a little bummed that there were no tar pits and dino bones, but alas they couldn’t fit everything in. What’s really cool is that the poster measures 46.8″ wide by 33.1″ high, and it’s only 16 Euros ($25)! That’s so cheap for such a giant, awesome poster! I’m tempted to get one of these for the new apartment but I can’t commit such a large piece of wall real estate yet!

To see an extra large preview, click here.


May 17, 2008