Piece of Me, Piece of You

Poor Zune, you try so hard but never really get anywhere in your battle against Apple. Hell, one of my co-workers hadn’t ever heard of a Zune before! But like I said, you do try, and this new video by Three Legged Legs is proof positive that you really do care. The video is called Pieces of Me, Pieces of You, and features zombie puppets! The puppets were created the awesome Adam Parker Smith, who is a damn pro on creating creepy, zombie puppets. Imagine Thriller with puppets and a Chromeo soundtrack and that’s what you’ve got.

Be sure to stop by Three Legged Legs behind the scenes post which shows you pretty much the entire process from concept to finished product. They even have sketches, photos of the puppets, storyboards, and test zombie movement footage. I want one of those zombies so bad, him and Wall-E could hang out!

Found through Shape + Colour


May 16, 2008