The New Slimmer, Sleeker Jawbone

Starting in California on July 1st, you’ll no longer be able to drive and talk on your mobile phone at the same time. I know that this law already exists in states like New York, I think it’s going to be insane to try enforce this law, especially here in Los Angeles where everyone is glued to their cell phones. Nonetheless, it’ll be the law, so it’s time to look into alternatives. Thankfully, Aliph has updated their already awesome Jawbone earpiece with a brand new version.

This new version is taking the place of the older model, and has been updated all over the place. The earpiece itself is 50% smaller, comes covered in leather rather than metal, and features 4 hours of talk time and an 8 day standby time. It also comes in black, silver, and gold and will be going for $130, which is kind of steep, but I personally think it would be worth. The only other wireless earpiece that I’d consider is Apple’s earpiece (which is also $130), but I’ve heard some not so great things about it.

For a hands on review, head over to Gizmodo to read their praise of how improved it is over it’s former self.


May 15, 2008