Johnny Cupcakes, Los Angeles

Though I’m not a fan of t-shirts that cost more than $30, Johnny Cupcakes has always been one of those shops that comes out with a pretty consistent blend of shirts with some solid illustrations. Well it turns out that Mr. Cupcakes has decided to take his proven recipe and bring it to a new home here in Los Angeles, opening a brand new store on the oh-so-fancy Melrose Ave.

In order to get people drooling over this upcoming store he’s provided a video sneak preview of the ideas he has for the shop. The store itself is going to be right across the street from Kid Robot and Paul Frank, so he’ll be in good company. Inside the store you’ll purchase shirts at a counter that looks like a stove top, the shirts will be stored in a giant refrigerator, a wall of oven doors that hold even more t-shirts, including some doors that open randomly and shoot out steam! He’s been working with a company that creates things for Disneyland, so it seems like this is going to be an attraction all on it’s own!

The store is set to open this summer, and I’ll definitely be there when it does open with some photos and maybe some video, hopefully it turns out as good as it sounds!

Found through High Snobiety


May 15, 2008