ESPO Beautifies Dublin

Talk about subversion… ESPO last year was rewarded a Fulbright Scholarship to go to Dublin to work on a public art project. Well, the public is involved, and art is certainly involved, but I’m not sure that the Fulbright folks had the above kind of work in mind when handing over the grant. ANP has the project description which sums things up nicely:

Mr. Powers will combine his painting, writing, and publishing skills to collaborate with young adults aged 15 – 17 in Belfast’s Shankill Road and Dublin’s Fatima Mansion to create art work that will depict their lives and times and publish a magazine to share it with the public. According to Mr. Powers, “the Shankill Road and Fatima Mansions have the most incredible resources of rich histories, enduring legacies and resolute personalities that I have ever seen. I look forward to teaching the youth how to convert those resources into work for a lifetime.”

Be sure to check out more photos over on Supertouch.


May 15, 2008