Ooo, Mordor Is A Place on Earth

You know when you see something in a photo and it totally reminds you of some other thing you know about? That’s how I felt when I saw the photos of Lliama, Chilé’s crazy exploding volcano… Mordor is a real place. For those of you unfamiliar with Lord of the RIngs nerdiness, Mordor was the home of Sauron, that big guy who smashed everyone in the first movie and then became that fiery eyeball in the sky in the other ones.

As you can see in the photos above, there’s no doubt at all that the southern part of Chilé will be soon overrun with orcs and goblins and Nazgûl will be flying through the sky. For more crazy photos of the volcano with the lightning and hell breaking loose, take a visit here.


May 13, 2008