Apartment Baking: Impromptu Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

I was a little bummed that I didn’t get to make cupcakes this weekend due to the power outage, so tonight I asked my roommate if he’d be down to eat a chocolate chip cupcake and he was REALLY excited about it. So at 9 pm I decided to bust out the baking supplies and bake me up some delicious cupcakes!

This was honestly my second attempt at making cupcakes, so I found some Martha Stewart recipe online and retrofitted it into something that: A) Fit the ingredients I had and, B) Sounded really good. So I threw it all together, including some Ghiradelli chocolate chips that were on sale at that store that sounded delicious. After 45 minutes of work (and waiting) I pulled them out of the oven and they were actually turned out perfect! I was a little worried, the last one’s were cooked a little bit too long, but I made sure to not overdo this batch and they were a success.

My roommate and I sat down with two giant cupcakes and a glass of milk each and devoured the damn things. I have to say, the chocolate chips all melted inside were quite a treat, almost a surprise! I guess the blogs tagline is ‘Eat. Drink. Design.’, so this sort of fits in with everything else, right? Anyhow, as a treat for reading this far… did you know I have a super secret project coming up with 5 amazing artists and designers that will be available this summer? And that you’ve never seen anything like it before? Well, now you do.


May 12, 2008