Aparment Baking: Red Velvet Cupcakes

I haven’t really posted about my new apartment much, but I’m definitely going to once it starts looking better. It’s only been about two weeks now, but things are looking pretty great except for the living room, which is pretty barren. Anyhow, I made a decision when I moved that since I now had an oven, that I would start baking every weekend. I’ve never really been a baking kind of guy, but I have serious baking-envy because of my friend Frank who is the best cook that I know.

So I was going to bake chocolate chip cupcakes, but the power went out on my block for most of Saturday afternoon so it didn’t happen. But last weekend I made the awesome red velvet cupcakes you see above. I got the recipe off of FoodNetwork.com so it wasn’t very special, but it worked. The recipe was one of Paula Dean’s, and even though I think she’s the most annoying little troll on earth, they ended up being fairly easy to make. Overall they turned out okay, though I think I cooked them a little too long, but my roommate and best friend Garrett ate 4 of the 6 of them anyhow.

If anyone has any good recipes that I should try let me know! I want to bake all the time, it’s become my new addiction!


May 12, 2008