Storm Troopin’

About 5 years ago I worked at a comic shop and it was one of the best jobs I ever had. I worked with this guy Rex who totally made it even more fun, and while we both liked comic books, we were not nerds, or at least compared to some of the people who came into the shop. In the store, we had a toy section, and in the toy section was a sale section where I found a Captin Jean Luc Picard action figure. He came with cloth clothing, which I decided to take off, leaving him only wearing his boots which also earned him the name, ‘Nude Picard’. Nude Picard would fight other toys all the time, being so bad ass he didn’t have to wear clothes, even though the dorks and geeks that strolled through the shop thought this was the most ridiculous thing they’d ever seen.

Storm Troopin’, a set of Flickr by Cindi G., totally reminds me of those days. Basically what she’s done is set up a bunch of Storm Trooper action figures in ridiculous (but well photographed) set-ups and started posting them onto her Fllickr. What’s most funny I think is that she treats them like small people. She doesn’t try to pretend that they’re full sized, they’re tiny storm trooper people who have feelings just like you and me!

My favorite is TK-315, who is always photographed with his coffee mug, as you can see above. The way she cocks their helmets and positions their bodies gives them a real sense of movement and life. If you need a good chuckle, definitely check out her photos!

May 9, 2008