The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Kelsey Brookes

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Kelsey Brookes

Kelsey Brookes

I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday again! With all the moving it the time went by so fast. Anyhow, this week’s artist is the amazing Kelsey Brookes, a guy who is not only an amazing painter, but a rather nice guy as well. Kelsey hails from San Diego where he used to be a scientist, but that went out the door and now he paints incredibly detailed and beautiful pieces of art.

Kelsey made the wallpaper above from a piece he did for the Semi-Permanent event in Sydney, but I figured that about 4 of you have probably ever seen this and you all would love it. As per usual the image has tons of details and and the most amazing choices in colors. I love the area around the skull at the top, like an old blanket you might find in your grandparent’s house. Also be sure to check out the iPhone wallpapers as well, the amount of detail in them is pretty rad.

I also wanted to let all the bay area folks Kelsey is having an opening at White Walls this Saturday from 7 to 10 pm with A.J. Fosik which looks pretty rad. White Walls seems to be a pretty rad gallery space with a ton of great artists having shows in the next few months, so if you’re in SF this weekend be sure to stop by and say hello.

May 7, 2008