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The Hood Internet vs. Chicago + We Make It Good Vol. 2

Hey everyone. Just wanted to let you all know that I’ve been going through some personal stuff lately, so writing in the blog really hasn’t been my priority. Also, I’m going to be heading home to visit my family and friends this weekend, so I won’t be posting anything until at least Sunday. But of course, I can’t just leave you all empty handed all weekend, so I’ve got a couple of things to keep you occupied.

First off is the new Hood Internet mix called The Hood Internet vs. Chicago, a mix that contains artists who’ve called Chicago their home at least one point in their lives. As per usual, the mix is awesome, it’s definitely good driving music and I think you could totally work out to it as well. My favorite parts were Wilco, Andrew Bird, and The Smashing Pumpkins, which are totally weird to hear mashed up with hip hop guys, but still sound really awesome. Also, the cover was done in collaboration with Chuck of No Pattern, who’s a Chicago native as well.

To download The Hood Internet vs. Chicago, click here.

The other treat I have is the new We Make It Good, Vol. 2, mixed together by Chris Devlin. I love how Shilo describes th mix, “kind of like if Animal Collective were DJs instead of a weirdo, hippy, hobbit family.” Like, how would you now want to listen to this mix after that description? It’s a lot more abstract then The Hood Internet one, it kind of reminds of somewhere between The Avalanches and Propellerheads, if that means anything to anyone. Also be sure to check out that absolutely beautiful cover, with all of those beautiful grids and those colors are fucking phenomenal. Does anyone know who designed it?

To download We Make It Good, Vol. 2, click here.

Since I love my iPhone so much, I’ll be updating my Tumblr with photos throughout my trip, so if you’re really bored, go ahead and hop over there and take a peak, it usually gets updated every hour or so when I go on trips like this. I hope you all have a good weekend, and things should start going back to normal next week. Thanks for being such awesome readers.


The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Merijn Hos

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Merijn Hos

Merijn Hos

One of my favorite things about The Desktop Wallpaper Project is that I get to meet people from all over the world. Before I started this blog my world was rather small, consisting of mostly places in California, a few random cities across the US, and everything I’ve read in magazines. But now I’ve got friends like Mr. Merijn Hos, an awesome illustrator and all around crafty guy from Utrecht, Netherlands. Currently he’s working on some ultra-secret projects that he can’t talk about, and recently Merijn had a book come out called Black and White Drawings by Bfree, which features his favorite drawings from the last 5 years.

As for his wallpaper, I love how random and cute it all is. All of the drawings were selected from an installation he did earlier this year. But then he wrote that, “I did the drawings in a time limit of 3 minutes each pretending I was a stuffed doll on a weird substance that could be seen in the installation.” To check out what he’s talking about you can click here, it’s pretty crazy.

Carbon Salt and Pepper Shakers

I swear that I found these salt and pepper shakers yesterday before I did my versions, I really didn’t plan on posting two salt and pepper related things in a 24 hour period, that’s just the way things work. The little beauties you see above dubbed Carbon (because of their diamond shape, spluh) and were created by New York designer, Gregory Buntain. Greg is currently studying industrial design at Pratt, and based upon his already awesome looking portfolio, this guy has a bright future ahead of him.

I’m not really sure how you’d refill these shakers, I guess I should say how you’d fill them in the first place, maybe pop the top off, but they’re a beautiful design nonetheless. I could see these possibly slipping out of the hands of the elderly or poking a small child’s eye out, but that’s the price you pay for good design! Have a look at the rest of Greg’s portfolio as well, he’s got some rad stuff happening.


Found through Core77

New Mcginley Inspired Sigur Ros Video for Gobbledigook

Holy crap. Out of nowhere Sigur Ros just released this new single and video for a song called Gobbledigook, an Animal Collective-esque song that makes me really frigging excited for their new album, Með suð i eyrum við spilum endalaust (With A Buzz In Our Ears We Play Endlessly). Yeah, seriously, that’s what it’s called.

But what really takes the cake is how awesome the music video is! It was directed by Arni & Kinski, and inspired by Ryan McGinley who I guess also collaborated on the video. To me that sounds like they asked him if they could shoot in his style so he wouldn’t sue them and he said yes, haha… Anyhow, the video, in classic McGinley fashion, features a bunch of hot, young things running around naked in the woods. It’s not shot quite like a McGinley photo, but I think the essence is there at the very least. I think combined with the song it’s particularly amazing, definitely pretty fun and out there.

If you’re at work, you probably shouldn’t watch it, as there are boobs and weens ALL OVER the place in this video, so that’s you’re warning. But I highly suggest sneaking behind your bosses and co-workers back and watching it, it’s damn beautiful and the song is way fun. I mean, it’s artsy nudes, they’re not having sex, so whatevs.

Found through Gorilla vs. Bear


Vintage John O’Hara Covers by Tomer Hanuka

It seems to me like book covers might just be the next big thing that illustrators start migrating into. I think I noticed the trend with Tomer Hanuka’s cover for Marquis De Sade’s The Immoral Mentors, so it’s fitting that he’s back at it again, this time around creating covers for two John O’Hara books. Both of the books are about people and their difficulty with their social status, and he does an exellent job at portraying that in both covers. The books are Appointment in Samarra and Butterfield 8, the first about a social elitist who’s life starts to spiral out of control when he can no longer keep up with the circle he runs with, and the second about a beautiful woman found dead on Long Island Beach, the reason for her death never known.

I really love the Appointment in Samarra cover a lot, the details in the car are superb and the man cast in so many shadows shows just how dark his life is going to become. The Butterfield 8 cover is beautiful and elegant, showing what a waste her death was. Hopefully Tomer keeps cranking these out, he does such an awesome job.


For Emma, Forever Ago by Bon Iver

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For Emma by Bon Iver

This morning I thought I’d start posting with a little music, just to get everyone’s day started out nice. I was sitting at my computer last night and suddenly I had the strongest urge to a listen to a song, but I couldn’t remember what it was! All I could think of was that it had some really awesome horn parts, but I couldn’t remember anything else about it. After about 10 minutes of freaking out I remembered that it was For Emma by Bon Iver, and then everything was good in the world.

If you haven’t heard Bon Iver’s new album, For Emma, Forever Ago, then you really need to get on it. Bon Iver is actually just a guy named Justin Vernon, who went out into the woods of Wisconsin one day to get some alone time, and three months later he returned with an amazing little album. It’s pretty bare, pretty minimal, but his vocals are extremely warm and impressive. The entire album is good, but the end is my favorite. Starting with Creature Fear and ending with re: Stacks, it couldn’t be anymore perfect.

But in the middle of that ending there’s the title track, For Emma, which really kicks my ass, the song I couldn’t remember last night. It’s got the most amazing horn arrangement, and seems to go on forever and ever, sounding completely timeless and totally capturing your imagination. I probably listened to this song like 15 or 20 times on repeat. Please take a listen to the song and let me know what you guys think! And if you liked it, be sure to check out his performance that was captured by La Blogotheque, very intimate and beautiful.


Salt + Pepper

For some reason I’ve been having these weird dreams, and lately they’ve been about design and art. In my opinion this is pretty damn weird, but it’s also kind of exciting because I’ve been having getting some really creative ideas from them lately, I can only hope they continue. But one dream in particular was about redesigning salt and pepper containers, like the big Morton Salt kind. But my dream “told me” (haha) to make it really modern and awesome looking.

So I came up with the two ideas above, a very simple and modern version of what those generic containers could be. The image on the salt containers is a close-up of salt crystals, and the pepper container has peppercorns. Anyhow, I knew that the salt needed a white band and the pepper a black band that would then translate to the top and bottom of the container as well. So when you go to the store you wouldn’t really need to even look at the words on the side, just look at the top. The font used was Univers simply because I’m sick of using Helvetica, but I think it looks good anyhow. I decided to go with a light version to let the photo be more prevalent than the text.

That’s about it, I just started this a couple hours ago so I thought I’d post about it while it was still fresh. What do you guys think? And if you know anyone looking to buy awesome salt and pepper packaging, go ahead and send them my way.


Sensing Sounds Visual Turntables

Scott Hobbs is a British product designer who seems to me like the kind of guy who’s going to create some awesome things in his life. He’s just now finishing his 4th year at Dundee University and he’s already come up with a new form of turntable as a part of a project called Sensing Sounds. He’s taken the record and traditional turntable out of the equation and has replaced them with two touch sensitive screens that gives you a visual of the waveform the music is creating.

Based upon the videos above it looks pretty damn cool. It’s kind of like simplifying the act of DJing to a super-simple level, you can just look at the screen and literally SEE the beats, which I’m sure would make it much easier to match beats. I’m a very visual person, so seeing this makes it seem like something I could really do. For more information about the project including an entire written proposal, visit his site by clicking the link above.