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Last Week in Music | 04/06/08 – 04/13/08

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Blue Ridge Mountains by Fleet Foxes

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Creature Fear by Bon Iver

So Last Week in Music turned out to be an AWESOME week in music, with lots of great new stuff that’s going to last me all throughout the summer.
First off was French Kicks, who I still want to write aboue separately, but I keep forgetting cuz’ I’m lame. But I swear I will because I want to spill my guts about how great this album is and how I’m going to be listening to it all summer long.

Then came M83, who’s new album Saturday = Youth has really grown on me quite a bit. I find it’s best to listen to it at night while working, it’s a lot easier to hear the subtlety of it when it’s more quiet in the world. After that was Fleet Foxes whom I absolutely adore. They have a very folk/70’s rock sound, the lead singer sounds a lot like Jim James from My Morning Jacket, but I like Fleet Foxes better I think. This will be another album I listen to all summer long.

Devendra Banhart pops up 4th because I listened to almost every album of his one night and continued on into the next day. He really is one of my favorite musicians. Then there was Belle & Sebastian and Air (who show up almost every week), then Conor Oberst, and Yo La Tengo.

There were two more new editions towards the end of the list though, Los Campesinos! and Bon Iver. Los Campesinos! are seven kids from England singing and shouting at the top of their lungs in the most fun way you can imagine. I can totally see these folks putting on an amazing live show where you scream along to all the words.

The other greatest thing I’ve come across is Bon Iver, who’s real name is Justin Vernon, a dude from Wisconsin who sounds like an acoustic version of Tv on the Radio, or at least that’s the first thing I thought about when I heard him. His music is carried by his amazing voice, and his instrumentals are equally awesome. He will also be played all summer long, so be sure to check him out and the rest of the folks I spoke about, they’re all damn amazing.


Sony’s Foam City

This morning is looking to be video filled, so here’s the newest advertisement by Sony. As most of you remember they’ve thrown bouncy balls down the hills of San Francisco, done stop-motion rabbits, blasted tons of paint off of a building and now they’ve filled the streets of Miami with foam. I personally don’t think this ad is as striking as the other one’s, but it’s certainly a fun idea. While watching it I couldn’t help but think of how fun it would have been to hang out all day in all of that foam, especially if I was 10 years old again. I think it’s fun that Sony continues to do these large scale ads as well, hopefully they continue doing them and push the bar a little higher every time.


Trailers For American Teen & Blindness

As I mentioned in the last post, this year is looking really great for movies. It’s probably not going to be on par with the pure cinema we were blessed with (There Will Be Blood and No Country For Old Men) but there are still a lot of promising things to look forward to. The first new movie is called American Teen, a documentary that follows the lives of a bunch of teens living in Indiana going through their senior year of high school. The movie one best directing in a documentary at Sundance, and even though it looks like something you’d see on MTV, it looks a million times better.

The second trailer is for a movie called Blindness, which is directed by Fernando Meirelles (who did City of God) and stars Julianne Moore and Mark Ruffalo. The film is based on the book by José Saramago which is about a nameless city that is struck by an epidemic of blindness, causing everything to go to hell. I love movies like this, kind of a science fact-ion type movie where something like this could potentially happen by some freak of nature. Click here for the official movie website.

Blindness was found through The Modern Romantic


Mister Lonely Book

This year is shaping up to be another awesome year in movies with Mister Lonely being one that I’m most excited about. I posted the international trailer for the movie a couple weeks ago, and now I’ve got some new photos of a collaboration between Swiss publisher Nieves and Harmony Korine. The book you see above is the script of the movie, along with 22 pages of photos taken by Rachel Korine and Brent Stewart. It’s only $24 and you get to see a bunch of clips of the movie, as well as read the movie before I’m sure anyone is going to get to see it.

A big shout out to Marco for sending me these photos!


Ideas Are Like Fish

Since it’s Sunday I feel like I don’t have to post things that are terribly cool and exciting, so I wanted to share this short video done for D&AD. The video was created specifically for the D&AD awards ceremony which happened last month, and if I had seen this beforehand I would have wanted to go really badly. I love when someone can took old stock footage and create something absolutely amazing like this. The editing is sharp, the narration is really funny and overall it reminds of an old PBS video but on some serious psychedelic drugs.

Found through White Words, who has a great eye for design.


Shepard Fairey for Penguin Books

I’m the first to admit that I wasn’t the best student in high school. I’m a strong believer that if you can’t make something relevant to a student, then they won’t want to learn about it, and I certainly was of that mindset. Maybe Penguin Books was thinking the same thing when they asked Shepard Fairey to redesign the covers of two classic books, Animal Farm and 1984.

1984 is an obvious match up with Shepard and his style and the mantra his work embodies. Animal Farm has those same sort of ideas, but I was still a little surprised he did that one in addition. These covers stick to pretty much the same thing he’s done over and over again (think of the Smashing Pumpkins cover he just did and compare it to the Animal Farm cover), but I think this is a really smart move on the part of Penguin’s, nonetheless. If someone had handed me one of these books when I was 16, I would have instantly though, “Oh, he’s that guy who makes those Obey clothes!”, and been excited to see what the book was about.

As horrible as it sounds, kids judge a book by it’s cover. Hell, as an adult I still do. Hopefully Penguin enlists the help of more designers like Mr. Fairey to liven up the fronts of books, possibly opening up a new love of reading for kids growing up in the age of the internet. How about Futura doing the cover of Brave New World? Evan Hecox doing The Outsiders? Neckface doing Lord of the Flies? So many awesome artists out there that could help make a kid read.

Click here for more info about the project.

Found through Coudal Partners


Nike Vandal High Supreme

I’ve subconsciously wanted a pair of high tops for a while, but I always think I’ll look lame in them. They also usually come in insane colorways and styles, and I prefer to wear black vans. But I could see myself looking really cool wearing a pair of these NIke Vandal High Supremes.

What I really like is that the shoe doesn’t look black, it’s almost shades of black and blue. And what it lacks in vibrant colors it makes up for in the ability to see all the details and stitches. Or maybe that’s just the sign of a good product shot, haha… The strap doesn’t even bother me, I think those colors go rad with the body of the shoe. Overall it’s a pretty damn slick looking shoe, which of course is around $170 and is only available in Japan. Awesome.

Found through Hypebeast


David Sedaris and the Joys of Accesories

Just now my co-worker and I were talking about David Sedaris, I don’t remember how we got on the topic, but I asked her if she’d ever heard him talk or speak on camera. She hadn’t so I showed her the video above so she could see just how funny he really is. The clip above is from 2 years ago when he made an appearance on David Letterman, but it’s still hysterical. I just figured this might make some people if they’re having a rough day!



I talk a lot about simplicity when it comes to design, Apple being a good example, and trying to live and do things simply is something that I think about a lot. The acronym K.I.S.S., “Keep It Simple Stupid”, is probably one of my favorite words of wisdom. And I have a feeling the designers behind the Help brand of remedies took this motto to heart.

Help is small company that’s taken matters into their own hands, creating one package that says “I have a headache” and another that says “I’ve cut myself”. But inside aren’t just ordinary remedies. For headache relief they’ve filled the pills with 500mg of acetaminophen, because it works like aspirin or ibuprofen but without the stomach problems they can sometimes cause. For their bandages they’ve eschewed the Band-Aid-esque design for the use of hydrocolloid, a clear material that they use in hospitals “to help wounds heal faster and reduce scarring.” So not only are their products a step ahead of what you normally find, but they’re also packaged beautifully using molded paper pulp.

You can also buy custom t-shirts featuring their logo, the letter “I”, and then they let you fill in the rest. I’ve decided my shirt would say, “Help, I created Kitsune Noir”. They even have a section simply titled “Bored?” which features a number of different sections to keep you amused, depending upon how you feel at the time.

But their brilliance doesn’t end there. They also happen to be rather witty, telling you that their pills don’t come with coatings and dyes, but if you enjoy those kinds of things you’ll “have to eat them separately.” For their bandages they tell you that they’re made for minor cuts and blisters, “so if your injury is bleeding everywhere, you might want to use something else.” I think it’s wonderful that they don’t feel like they have to be scientific or fancy about simple cures for simple ailments. For a company that basically makes band-aids and aspirin they’ve done an impeccable job, and hopefully they become quite successful and win lots of design awards!

Found through MoCo Loco


Hot Dog and I by Fernanda Cohen

I’m still in love with 20×200 and the fact that it enables me to own awesome artwork without having to pay a million dollars (or even $200). This week’s illustrator is a lady named Fernanda Cohen who grew up in Buenos Aires, moved to New York and graduated from SVA. Her drawing is titled Hot Dog and I and features a big fat naked guy eating a hot dog, simple enough. I think it’s pretty damn cute and clever, and Fernanda’s line work and use of color is really nice. As per usual you can get an 8.5″ x 11″ print for $20, 17″ x 22″ print for $200, or a giant 30″ x 40″ (in an edition of 2) for $2000.