Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2008 Poster by Kasper Eistrup

Good morning everyone! First off I just want to say that I think today is going to be a really good day. Last night I signed the lease on my new apartment, so that stress is gone. And then after that I met up with my friend Max and we talked about some upcoming business with the blog, and I also randomly got to see my friends Kyle, Michael, Aron and Elliel as well. Then this morning I actually woke up rather early for a change, and I’ve already come across something awesome to post about!

The poster you see above was created by Kasper Eistrup, a Danish musician who is in the band Kashmir, one of Denmark’s more popular bands. For years now he’s done the covers and music videos for his band, but in 2006 he took the time to create enough work for a one man show at the Falkener Gallery in Copenhagen. Because of his obvious talent, the folks at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival commissioned him to create this years poster, and I would admit that it’s incredibly rad. The poster features a random jazz fan, it’s really no one in particular, which was Eistrup’s point:

”I have chosen to shift the focus away from the performing musician and his or her instrument, and instead portray an ardent music lover as he stands before a current of sound waves. I wanted to create a picture that was steaming with music, without directly using the usual symbols to depict it. It turned out to be a harder task than I’d expected, since a saxophone or well-know jazz figure would have given an instant, clear signal, but my objective was to achieve the same effect without them. As to whether or not I’ve succeeded, I leave that up to the observer.”

I’m absolutely in love with the “current of sound waves” behind him. And so you know, the poster is watercolor or gouache, I can’t really tell, but it’s all hand-painted, which is really nice to see these days. The color choices and the lighting is also extremely spot on, like in my mind this poster couldn’t be any better, it’s as close to perfection as you can get.

To see a larger version of the poster, you can click here, or to buy for yourself, take a visit over to here.

Found through Dansk Dynamit


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Swimming / French Kicks

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Carried Away by French Kicks

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Sex Tourists by French Kicks

I first heard the French Kicks about 6 years ago when they opened up for Hot Hot Heat back when I lived in Sacramento. I hadn’t ever heard of them before that, and up until a month ago I hadn’t heard from them since. But now they’ve released a new album called Swimming, and I swear that this album is going to make them huge.

French Kicks is made up of four guys, Jamie Krents, Nick Stumpf, Matthew Stinchcomb, and Aaron Thurston, and the band has had several different incarnations. Around 2004, Nick who played drums started to sing at live shows, which is how Aaron got into the band playing drums in his absence. Now though the band sounds amazing, with hints of the past influencing their new sound.

When I put the record on for the first time, my jaw literally dropped. It’s a weird description, but it sounds like a classic. Their sound is obviously influenced by the 60’s and 70’s, but it doesn’t sound dated, it sounds really timeless. Nick Stumpf’s voice is layered and melodic, and it sounds perfect. The music itself though is mixed kind of odd, I guess in a way that makes it sound older. Nothing is crisp and precise, it just sounds like they got together and decided to record some songs. This album is going to play non-stop this summer, it’s an amazing album that I think will be a classic for years to come. I’ve posted my two favorite songs from the album above, Carried Away and Sex Tourists. If you like these songs you’ll love the rest of the album.


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Out My Window NYC

I found Out My Window NYC through Something Rotten and I thought it was a pretty rad idea. Gail Albert Halaban has started taking photos of apartments in New York to see what they see out their windows. The project has also started to focus on people who have windows that look out onto someone else’s window, specifically to get the neighbors to meet and possibly make a connection through the experience of having their picture taken.

What I really like about this project is that you get to see into people’s everyday lives, something I think everyone kind of enjoys in our modern voyeuristic society. The photos themselves are also shot in a really beautiful way which obviously adds to the overall enjoyment. The subjects are pretty interesting as well, like the woman in her bathroom while a construction worker outside her window looks in. If you live in New York you should check the site out, and maybe even try to be a part of the project, and if you enjoy good photography, go check it out as well.


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The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Dan Funderburgh

Dan Funderburgh Wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop

Dan Funderburgh

I’ve been wanting to post this wallpaer for weeks now, but I know that I need to pace myself, that The Desktop Wallpaper Project has a long life ahead of it. The magnificent piece you see above is by the one-of-a-kind illutrator, Dan Funderburgh. Dan has become one of my favorite artists over the last couple years, mostly due to his immense talent in creating the most amazing repeating patterns and wallpapers. And I’m not the only one who sees his genius, seeing that folks like Flavor Paper have made real life versions of his amazing patterns.

For the wallpaper you see above, it’s so simple, and yet it’s so damn complex at the same time. It’s like he’s restrained and eccentric at the same time? The details in the umbrella are absolutely amazing, and the simple brown and creme color palette is drool-worthy. I’d also like to point out that I made two different iPhone and PSP wallpapers, the first showing the complete image, and the second is a completely crisp detail image of the umbrella, just because I couldn’t resist.

I hope you all enjoy this wallpaper as much as I have been, I felt like it totally wasn’t fair to keep this to myself for any longer. Check back next week for the funniest and most clever wallpaper I’ve received so far, I promise it’ll make you laugh.

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Tarako’s Kewpie Pasta Sauce

Oh. My. God. These are probably the most amazing commercials I’ve seen in a long while. These creepy kewpie doll chile pepper things are the mascots of a pasta sauce created by a Japanese brand called Tarako. ‘Tarako’ is actually a cod roe, or fish eggs, which is also what the kewpies are supposed to be dressed as. I know, this makes no sense, but basically the Tarako babies come and invade our planet, then make our pasta taste delicious, it’s just that simple.

The art direction in these is absolutely fantastic as well, the little girl’s haircuts are inspired by the 50’s and the colors and tone of the kitchens they take place in is awesome. The girl in the first commercial actually reminds me of my friend Wendy’s daughter, although her daughter doesn’t have that crazy haircut.

So take like 5 or 10 minutes and watch all these insane commercials, there are even more under the cut, so be sure to check those out as well! Big thanks to my friend Patrick for posting these!

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New Graphic Design in China

China if you hadn’t noticed has hit a huge economic boom from the last 20 years, and with this summer’s Olympics being hosted there, people are starting to become more and more interested in the country. So PingMag wrote a great article talking about design in China, who’s doing it and where it’s going.

It’s pretty crazy but design hadn’t really taken off in China until 20 years ago at most, so it’s still almost in it’s infancy there. But from the examples given in the article, there are some pretty interesting things going on nonetheless. Reading this also reminded me of a Monocle video which talks about all of the new structures being built in China, but none of the major landmarks have been built by Chinese. It’s interesting to think about, although here in America, our greatest symbolic landmark was built by the French…


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Huskworks is the moniker of Simon Noynay, a guy who was born in the Philippines and now currently lives in Melbourne, Australia. Simon studied at communication design at Swinburne University which taught him his love for mixed media. Looking through his portfolio it seems like his art his influenced by a ton of different sources, but I wouldn’t say he’s ripping anyone of at all. I really love his line work a lot, it reminds me of Peter Chung’s who’s notably known for Aeon Flux. I also really like his sense of humor, as displayed by his funny Samurai Vader t-shirt he did for Teelicious.

Found through Changethethought


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Max Key

Earlier this morning I got an email from my buddy Nathan Fox telling me about this guy he went to school with named Max Key. Max was born in 1973, went to school at the Kansas City Institute of Art where he earned his bachelor in fine arts and is a totally awesome painter.

His inspirations come from landscaping painting and tacky wallpapers from days gone by. He combines these ideas together masterfully, creating something that looks like the fabric on an old chair mixed with Jeff Soto or Mars1. Those are compliments, by the way. His pictures are totally filled with tons of tiny details and vibrant colors, two of my favorite things when it comes to art. They’re also HUGE measuring in the realm of feet, not inches. Take a few minutes and pay Max and his awesome work a visit.


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