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Ghostly Swim

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Then It Happened by Milosh

Jam of the night tonight is Adult Swim’s newest musical release, Ghostly Swim, an audible outing teaming up with the folks over at Ghostly International. Adult Swim made some waves with their work with DangerMouse, although this time their effort is a much more electronic one as opposed the hip hop influenced albums of the past.

There aren’t a whole lot of big names on the album, but you may recognize Matthew Dear and Tycho, who’s better known as Scott Hansen of ISO50 fame. As always the album is free to download and comes with the beautiful art you see above. You can’t beat free.


50 ways to Help the Planet

I wanted to post something in honor of Earth Day today, but I didn’t want to be preach-y, so I’ll just say that you should read Wire & Twine’s 50 Ways to Help the Planet. These are all probably things you’ve heard or known, but it can’t hurt to get a refresher course on what you can do to help. Since I’m moving into a new apartment I was thinking that I could get drying racks for my clothes, which would help the environment in a small way and save me 75 cents a pop.

I’d also suggest checking out NOTCOT’s insanely detailed list of reusable bags, if you can’t find a reusable bag you like there, you must be insane.



When I started doing the Desktop Wallpaper Project, I made the iPhone and PSP versions because I knew that I wanted to carry around these awesome images as well. But the DWP only comes out once a week, so if you’re ever in need of more backgrounds for your iPhone, head over to the folks at Poolga.

Poolga works on the same mantra that the DWP does, make awesome backgrounds for your iPhone. The ones above were created by an artist named Eika, or Karina Eibatova, an artist from Goteborg, Sweden. She’s just one of over 30 artists who’ve contributed, so you could basically have a new background every day of the month if you wanted. Definitely pop over and check out all the great images!


Coca Cola Shamelessly Rips Off Evan Hecox In New Billboard

Here’s more of Evan Hecox’s work, to further illustrate how they are robbing his style.

Two weekends ago I was out running errands and I stopped at the light at Franklin and Cahuenga which is pretty much the most northern end of Hollywood. I stop in the left hand turn lane, and dead ahead of me I see a billboard that shocked the crap out of me. It’s a Coca-Cola Zero ad with Evan Hecox-esque artwork. I studied it for as long as I could, and as I turned left I said to myself, “There’s no way Evan did that.”

So last night I went out to the corner of Franklin and Cahuenga, took the photo above, and sent it my friend Andy, who just happened to see Evan last weekend. Andy said to Evan, “Hey Evan, I saw the billboard you did for Coke”, but I guess Evan was bummed because he didn’t do the billboard. Evan said that the ad agency called him to do it, but he turned them down.

Yet again another big company is churning out their own shitty versions of awesome artwork just to make a buck. Some of you might remember the Sony Bravia commercial that ripped off Kozyndan? To me this is the very same thing, it’s totally shameless. I don’t drink soda, so I can’t exactly boycott them, but I’m definitely going to do my damndest to spread this post around to as many blogs as possible, and hopefully Coke will catch a clue that stealing someone’s artistic style isn’t going to sell more sodas, it’s going to get people upset.


When Is a Fashion Ad Not a Fashion Ad?

When Is a Fashion Ad Not a Fashion Ad? by Cathy Horyn

I have quite a fascination with the photographer Juergen Teller. For me he’s on the same level as Ryan McGinley and and Terry Richardson, guys who create these mythic, dream-like images that show life in such a surreal way. So I was excited to read this article in the New York Times about the German photographer.

From the article it sounds like he has it pretty easy, even though he works his ass off to make Marc jacobs proud of what he does. It’s also interesting to hear that he’s a really funny and genuine guy, it makes me want to meet him. I did a little digging and Juergen’s going to be putting out a new book in the fall called Juergen Teller: Marc Jacobs 1997-2008, which is being published by Steidl. I want this book to come out right now, I’m so excited to read about this. I don’t even care that it’s $75, I need this book so badly.


Scribefire 2.0

I think maybe 4 people who read this blog are even going to care about this, but I do so I’m writing about it. Scribefire is an extension for Firefox that opens up a small window at the bottom of the browser. In this little window is a mini-blogging tool that let’s me look at a website while I write about, which is absolutely the most helpful tool in the world. When I first started blogging I hated the idea of having to blog through WordPress, constantly switching between tabs, or having an entirely separate program to write posts.

I guess this is just a post about how much I love Scribefire, it’s one of the main reasons I use Firefox over Safari. And this morning they just released a brand new version (which Firefox 3 conveniently notified me of) and it’s even better than it was before. You can search for photos on Flickr and post them right to your blog and the same thing goes for YouTube, which I’ll definitely be using. My only beef so far is that I can’t resize the menu bar thingy to the right anymore, but I’m sure they’ll fix it eventually, it’s really NBD.

If you happen to have a blog and have never heard of Scribefire I highly suggest checking it out, it’s a life saver.


Last Week in Music | 04/13/08 – 04/20/08

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The Nun’s Littany by The Magnetic Fields

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Tender Buttons by Broadcast

Last Week in Music was a nice one, kind of eclectic and all over the place. Fleet Foxes was surprisingly the thing I listened to most, I’m not 100% sure if that’s true though, haha… I listened to a lot of old Modest Mouse last week because I kept thinking about how great they are to listen to in the car while I drive around. Devendra was back on the scene, I forgot how good the newest album was, it’s gonna be another good summer album as well. Broadcast was another odd bird on the list as well. I’ve been listening to Tender Buttons a lot lately for some reason, I think because I never really got into it when it first came out. That’s it for this week, I’m not really inspired by this week’s list, haha…


Musicians Are Cowards | A Kitsune Noir Mixtape

Musicians Are Cowards | A Kitsune Noir Mixtape
Click here to download

I was going to wait until the morning to post this, but most of Europe is awake by now so I guess I’m writing this for all of you! I had someone write on my page last week wondering when I was going to release another mixtape, so I dug up an old mix I had, re-mixed it, created some new artwork, and VOILA!, brand new mixtape for your Monday morning.

This mix was made about a year or so ago but I think that it still holds up pretty well. It was created out of an effort to use songs by bands that weren’t very popular or songs by popular bands that may have been overlooked or unheard by most people. The best example is Ancient Curse by Peter Bjorn and John, a song that’s extremely haunting and downbeat, the absolute opposite of Young Folks. The mix actually had an extra song tacked onto the end of it, but I felt like A Silver Mt. Zion was a more fitting way to end this mix and to cut back on time, I don’t like mixes that drag on too long.

So I hope you all enjoy the mix! The cover was taken from a couple of photos I took with my Lomo back in the day. The front is a photo of Wilco performing at the Greek Theater which accidently got double exposed and ended up looking even more cool. But I have no idea what the back is, just a random shot out the window probably, haha…

01 Marmaillette by A Hawk and a Hacksaw
02 Brother by Annuals
03 Ultimatum by The Long Winters
04 Start Wearing Purple by Gogol Bordello
05 Till The End of Time by Devotchka
06 Ancient Curse by Peter Bjorn and John
07 Spider’s House by Califone
08 Kept Our Hands Warm by The Robot Ate Me
09 Lying in the Snow by The Bees
10 Interior of a Dutch House by Beirut
11 The Triumph of Our Tired Eyes by A Silver Mt. Zion


Wanderlust by Bjork

This is pretty old news for most people, but I just got around to watching the video for Bjork’s Wanderlust like two days ago. Usually when I see something posted all over the blogs I frequent I tend to just get annoyed and ignore whatever everyone’s talking about. I know, I’m lame, whatever. But I was having dinner with some friends last weekend and one of them suggested that I really should watch it, that it does live up to the hype, and I totally agree with that conclusion.

The video is hard to pinpoint, it’s like something between CGI, claymation, and live action, all coming together to make this really crazy but beautiful world. I really have no idea what the video is about, it’s sort of like her backpack has some sort of raisin-looking chick in it that tries to kill her or something and then some sort of fruit bat-god-thing with a silly tongue shows up and starts messing with her. I really love the ending where she’s falling though, it looks soooo epic, and the water kind of looks like strings or spaghetti is really beautiful as well.

If you’re lame cool like me and haven’t seen it yet, click here for a really nice hi-res version of it.

UPDATE: Wired just posted a photo essay of showing a ‘Making Of’ of the Wanderlust video. Sure enough the video was inpsired by Hayao Miyazaki, which I totally thought about the whole time I watched it.


Mister Lonely Review

I just had the opportunity to watch Mister Lonely, Harmony Korine’s newest film. A friend of mine is a writer for a big, fancy magazine, so he gets screeners quite often, in fact he’s interviewing Mr. Korine tomorrow. As most of you know I’ve been pretty excited about seeing this for a while now, so it’s kind of sad to say that it wasn’t what I was hoping for.

The movie actually has two plots, that of Diego Luna (as a Michael Jackson impersonator) and Samantha Morton (as a Marilyn Monroe impersonator) meeting in Paris where she convinces him to join her in a commune with other impersonators in a castle in the highlands. The other plot line follows a group of missionaries in the rainforests somewhere in Brazil. Sadly, I wasn’t able to find any sort of dual meaning in the two plot lines, in fact they couldn’t have been any different. In fact the story was a rather simple one, but it seemed like it went on too long and if there were hidden metaphors, I think they were hidden a bit too well.

I thought Luna and Morton were actually quite good, Morton in particular and her scenes with Denis Lavant who plays Charlie Chaplin. Probably the best part of the movie was the cinematography by Marcel Zyskind. His camera work was beautiful and definitely made the movie feel very ethereal and dream-like all through out, especially in the part with the flying nuns and Buckwheat riding the miniature Shetland pony… yeah you read that right.

Overall though, I’d say that Harmony Korine wasn’t able to make it bizarro weird like Gummo, nor was it mainstream enough to just be enjoyed, it sort of sits in this weird middle ground. Unfortunately that middle ground is probably best described as awkward, which makes me kind of bummed. If you’re a diehard Korine fan I’m sure you’re going to see it no matter what, and maybe you can more in then I could, but I’m pretty sure Harms lost that loving feelin’.