One of my favorite things about the internet is how it enables you to meet people. I have friends all over the world, which is a very new thing to me, and I absolutely love it. So one day about a month ago I got an email from a fellow named Nalden, who was writing to tell me that he liked my blog and he’d like to feature some of the wallpapers on his site. I’ve had offers from people to do this before and honestly it’s just not something I’ve wanted to do. But I took a visit to his site anyhow, and I was blown away!

Nalden’s site, titled appropriately Nalden, is more like a desktop browser than a blog. It’s made for full screen viewing, with all the things he posts about lining the bottom which you can scroll through with ease. He also has a random background that shows up as well, which is where I fit into the picture. So I decided to say yes, because not only does this bring readers from the Netherlands, but Nalden is a pretty rad guy as well.

There’s only one small problem… it’s all in Dutch! It’s still worth a visit though, that interface is just so damn impressive. And if you don’t see the Dan Funderburgh background at first, just keep refreshing, it’ll show up eventually!


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Flavor Country Salt and Pepper Shakers

I’ve never personally been a fan of smoking, if that’s what you like then that’s great. But I think it’s interesting that designer Myan Duong has combined cigarettes with a common household item like salt and pepper shakers. The idea is titled Flavor Country, and it features the classic cigarette shape as a pair of miniature shakers. And what’s better to hold cigarette shaped shakers then a bowl shaped like an ashtray, just in case you spill any salt or pepper after you’re done flavoring your food.

I could imagine it being a pain in the ass having to refill these all the time, but the idea is totally clever and the metal ends give a classier touch. These are just a concept though, so if you’ll want anything like these you’ll have to make them yourself!

Found through Yanko Design


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Bury Me in the Sand, A New Show by Geoff McFetridge

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything about Geoff McFetridge, or at least it seems like a long time to me. Anyhow, Geoff is having a show this Friday at Mollusk called Bury Me in the Sand. From what I’ve seen of the show it looks like he’ll have some new screenprints, including one GIANT piece that looks like it would be a sail for a sailboat. Also be sure to check out Mullosk’s website and shirts they sell as well. They have a really great online store and I bought Jeff one of their t-shirts for Hanukkah last year and it looked great.

The show goes from 7 to 10 pm and music provided by DJ Trace. I wish I was going to be in SF this weekend, I’d love to see this show! Check under the cut for some preview photos that Mollusk posted.

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The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Dash Shaw

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Dash Shaw

Dash Shaw

Good morning, afternoon, or evening! Another Wednesday, another wallpaper, and this weeks is a special treat. I’ve received wallpapers in all sorts of styles, mediums and from people all over the world. But so far, I’ve only been given one wallpaper that made me laugh hysterically, which is what today’s wallpaper is. Before you read any further, I want you to look at the wallpaper, try and figure it out, and then come back and see if you got it.

The artist of this fantastic wallpaper is a guy named Dash Shaw. Dash is a 25 year old SVA grad who is currently living in Brooklyn. I found Dash through this amazing Dr. Strange spread he did for the still-yet-unreleased Marvel Indie Anthology, but since then he’s been quite busy! Coming up in June he has a 720 page graphic novel called The Bottomless Belly Button which is being published by Fantagraphics (check out photos here), and he also runs a weekly comic on his own site called BodyWorld.

Honestly though, the first time I laid eyes upon the wallpaper you see above, my immediate reaction was, “What the hell is this?!” But then I read Dash’s description which said:

This is someone’s life story told in desktop icons.
The icons read from left to right, like a comic. This
person has passed away and his desktop is all that we
know about his life. He loves his cat.

At that point I started laughing my ass off, realizing what an effing genius he is. I hope you all enjoy this wallpaper as much as I do. I think it’s so damn clever how the icons have double meanings, how spot on the icons represent life, and how in the end we all end up in the recycling bin.

Check back next week as usual for a wallpaper that’s the complete opposite of this!

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Ghostly Swim

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Then It Happened by Milosh

Jam of the night tonight is Adult Swim’s newest musical release, Ghostly Swim, an audible outing teaming up with the folks over at Ghostly International. Adult Swim made some waves with their work with DangerMouse, although this time their effort is a much more electronic one as opposed the hip hop influenced albums of the past.

There aren’t a whole lot of big names on the album, but you may recognize Matthew Dear and Tycho, who’s better known as Scott Hansen of ISO50 fame. As always the album is free to download and comes with the beautiful art you see above. You can’t beat free.


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50 ways to Help the Planet

I wanted to post something in honor of Earth Day today, but I didn’t want to be preach-y, so I’ll just say that you should read Wire & Twine’s 50 Ways to Help the Planet. These are all probably things you’ve heard or known, but it can’t hurt to get a refresher course on what you can do to help. Since I’m moving into a new apartment I was thinking that I could get drying racks for my clothes, which would help the environment in a small way and save me 75 cents a pop.

I’d also suggest checking out NOTCOT’s insanely detailed list of reusable bags, if you can’t find a reusable bag you like there, you must be insane.


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When I started doing the Desktop Wallpaper Project, I made the iPhone and PSP versions because I knew that I wanted to carry around these awesome images as well. But the DWP only comes out once a week, so if you’re ever in need of more backgrounds for your iPhone, head over to the folks at Poolga.

Poolga works on the same mantra that the DWP does, make awesome backgrounds for your iPhone. The ones above were created by an artist named Eika, or Karina Eibatova, an artist from Goteborg, Sweden. She’s just one of over 30 artists who’ve contributed, so you could basically have a new background every day of the month if you wanted. Definitely pop over and check out all the great images!


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Coca Cola Shamelessly Rips Off Evan Hecox In New Billboard

Here’s more of Evan Hecox’s work, to further illustrate how they are robbing his style.

Two weekends ago I was out running errands and I stopped at the light at Franklin and Cahuenga which is pretty much the most northern end of Hollywood. I stop in the left hand turn lane, and dead ahead of me I see a billboard that shocked the crap out of me. It’s a Coca-Cola Zero ad with Evan Hecox-esque artwork. I studied it for as long as I could, and as I turned left I said to myself, “There’s no way Evan did that.”

So last night I went out to the corner of Franklin and Cahuenga, took the photo above, and sent it my friend Andy, who just happened to see Evan last weekend. Andy said to Evan, “Hey Evan, I saw the billboard you did for Coke”, but I guess Evan was bummed because he didn’t do the billboard. Evan said that the ad agency called him to do it, but he turned them down.

Yet again another big company is churning out their own shitty versions of awesome artwork just to make a buck. Some of you might remember the Sony Bravia commercial that ripped off Kozyndan? To me this is the very same thing, it’s totally shameless. I don’t drink soda, so I can’t exactly boycott them, but I’m definitely going to do my damndest to spread this post around to as many blogs as possible, and hopefully Coke will catch a clue that stealing someone’s artistic style isn’t going to sell more sodas, it’s going to get people upset.


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