Music From The Forest, A Podcast by James Pants

Being a big fan of Stones Throw Records I subscribe to their podcast, especially because they consistently release them and they’re made by awesome guys like Madlib. I was excited to see that they released a new podcast over the weekend featuring James Pants called Music From The Forest.

James’ story of how he got onto Stones Throw is probably the best part. The night of his prom he and his date went to a rave where Peanut Butter Wolf, head of Stones Throw, was spinning and asked if he could take PBW record shopping. From there James ended up getting an internship, and now he’s gonna’ have an album coming out on May 27th. talk about lucky.

The podcast itself is all over the place, from Kraftwerk to old sould hits, it’s well put together and totally made my morning. If you’d like to listen to it, head over to the Stones Throw Jukebox where you can listen to it there or follow the iTunes podcast link.


April 28, 2008