Rubber Johnny

This is far from new, but yesterday I was thinking about how awesome Chris Cunningham’s Rubber Johnny was, so I figured I’d post it because I’m sure some of you out there haven’t seen it. The video/short film came out in 2005 and features Johnny, a creepy naked guy in a wheelchair who bends, stretches and generally freaks out while his chihuahua watches. The whole thing is really weird but amazing at the same time, especially if you enjoy good special effects and amazing editing.

That being said, this might not be for everyone. It’s got sort-of-nudity and a crazy Aphex Twin soundtrack, nor does it really make any sense. It’s also kind of disturbing, especially the beginning. I wouldn’t suggest watching this at night time alone, in fact this video sort of freaks me out.

But that’s sort of the fun of it!


April 27, 2008